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Patricia Chong has jumped industries three times, going from media to PR to native advertising to digital marketing, but has done what she's always done: tell stories. The things that bring her most joy, though, are writing about art, finding great eats, and collaging under the tag @garbagecollager

Gelo Dionora works with words for a living. He’s worked in education, media, PR, and advertising, and somehow he has found a way to do all four simultaneously. No wonder he always needs coffee. Reach out to him on IG at @angelodionora.

Liz Jocano is a graphic artist and illustrator, and enjoys taking photos from events to cosplays to boudoir. She enjoys taking pictures but shy when it comes to taking selfies.

My art alias is Sushi simply because I love sushi. I like to express myself and share my creativity through various forms of art.

Jar has been behind the camera for over a decade covering all kinds of subjects -from food to architecture; from fashion to world leaders. Full time photographer, a father of 3, an occasional writer, and has been learning furniture making for a year now.