The Contributors

Ade Magnaye

Ade spends way too much time on thinking about Batman. He spends his weekends procrastinating. You can find him on Twitter at @AdeMagnaye, talking about Batman.

Aldus Santos

Aldus Santos is the author of Vocalese (Likhanan, Inc., 2006), a collection of poems, and Repeat While Fading (Poppy & Plume, 2009), which chronicles over a decade of his music-reportage work. He sings, plays guitar, and writes music for The Purplechickens and Pamphleteer.

Alec Palomo

Alec (IG: @pinoygeektraveler) is an HR practitioner during weekdays, an ultramarathoner, mountaineer and backpacker during weekends, and geek seven days a week.

Alex Cu Unjieng

Alex Cu Unjieng is an artist and professional level pun-maker born and raised in the Philippines. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC with her pets: one cat, one dog, and many bottles of kombucha.

Amaris Cabason

Amaris Cabason is a development worker, parkour enthusiast, Spartan racer, and Jeopardy superfan. She is still looking for a use for her Sociology degree; in the meantime, she frequently travels around the Philippines to help rural communities have access to safe and potable water.

Andie Syyap

Andie Syyap began shooting at the early age of five years old, armed with her dad’s DSLR, a keen eye, and a whole lot of zeal. She continues to hone her talent, and particularly enjoys shooting photos from ‘unlikely perspectives.’ Andie views photography as an extension of her creative soul, and she pours her spirit into her work.

Angie Duarte

Angie Duarte is a travel-and-features writer, self-professed poet, occasional columnist, kiddie party host, lover of ink. Part-time Gypsy, full-time oddball. Mother. Enjoys mirth and mayhem, light and dark in equal measure. Beer drinking is her one, true talent: all else is pretense

Art Fuentes

Art Fuentes has long hair and he rides a bike.

Aurelio Icasiano III

Aurelio Icasiano III has been in media for 14 years: as a television producer and writer, travel correspondent, book editor, and as editor of an internationally-awarded men’s lifestyle magazine. He runs an electrical construction company by day but spends all too much time thinking about the next story.


Bijou is a hubadera (nude model) who is lucky enough to live near the equator. When she is not modeling or doing kinky stuff with play partners, she likes to be left alone to read or write. When she feels sociable enough, you can catch her performing satire and sex comedy with Deus Sex Machina. Her IG handle is @unbijouparminous.

Brenda Gimotea Depasupil

Brenda Gimotea Depasupil writes, acts, models, dances, and fights for several causes that she is passionate about. She lives in QC with a bunch of stuffed animals.

Candice Quimpo

Candice Lopez Quimpo is a writer and editor. These days, she works as a storyteller for impact and social change. She is the mom of a boy, a girl, and too many adopted plants.

Caroline Dy

Caroline works in game development as a digital artist for Altitude Games. When she's not working, she's busy exploring new things and looking after her ever-growing household of cats.

Christopher John Miñoza

CJ is a bedroom guitarist and avid retro video game collector. He constantly dreams of practicing Kung Fu with his daughter when she comes of age.

Daniel Millar

Daniel Millar is an Australian writer who works and travels in the region of Southeast Asia.

Danger Gaerlan

Danger Gaerlan is a writer, aquarium aficionado, and history enthusiast.

Daniel Soriano

Stumbling onto photography more than a decade ago, Daniel Soriano has developed what started out as a hobby into a passion and a craft. He is drawn to travel photography because it covers a broad spectrum of subjects such as scenery, food, culture and people.

Danielle Balanga

Danielle Balanga is a graduate of Mass Communications from the University of the Philippines. A self-taught artist, she currently works as an illustrator and costume designer in Cebu.

Dante Gagelonia

Dante is a communications consultant with Puzzled Owl. He also produces a quirky little pub quiz called GeekFight Trivia Night.

Denice De Guzman

Denice De Guzman has a long queue of TV shows she needs to catch up on but is currently being indoctrinated with anime. When not undergoing this weeb-ification, she co-hosts the podcast MeLoreDrama, where she talks a lot about creatures in Philippine mythology and helps make stories out of them.

Dione Charmaine Kong

Dione has many stories to tell through her illustrations. She works as a pre-production and storyboard artist for animated contents and makes short comics and illustrations as a hobby. She's also a member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan, an organization of children's book illustrators in Philippines.

Earle Figuracion

Earle is currently finishing his masters degree in Music Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. He, as you may have surmised, also works part-time at the Natural History Museum.

El Gosiengfiao-Santos

El is a copywriter by day and an all-around geeky fangirl by night. When she's not obsessing over a new game, book, series, or hobby, she likes to revisit her past obsessions from the ‘90s and early 2000s.

Erika Carunungan

Erika is a sleepy copywriter at a local digital ad agency. When she’s not churning out the stuff you skip on Youtube, she enjoys video games, graphic novels, Japanese food, and cat petting—one might even say she is a pro at this last one.

Francis Kristoffer Pasion

Francis Kristoffer Pasion has been a Museum Researcher at the National Historical Commission of the Philippines since 2016. He previously worked as history researcher for the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines and cultural worker for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. He juggles history writing, a full-time job in government, and his masteral studies in history at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Giancarla Aritao

Giancarla Aritao, Mantle's style correspondent, is wife to Lawrence and mom to Hannah, 7, and Rafael, 4. She’s a homeschooler and works as a writer.

Glerren Bangalan

Glerren Bangalan is a freelance writer and marketing creative currently based in Makati. She is also a regular writer and performer for the comedy group Deus Sex Machina, and a producer and host of GeekFight Trivia Night.

Gregg Yan

Gregg Yan is a runner, mountain climber and diver who writes about environmental and anthropological issues. He has climbed nearly 150 mountains in Asia. His knees haven't given out yet. Add him on Facebook to talk.

Gwen Foster

Gwen Foster (Philippines) is a game developer based in the Philippines. A board member for IGDA PH - Manila Chapter, and director of local game showcase called Indie Fiesta. She loves penguins and cats, and helps to champion the local developer scene to give independent developers better exposure and publicity on the global stage.

Ina Avellana Cosio

Ina Avellana Cosio works as a researcher for the UP Film Institute and as a freelance writer. She has also worked for the Film Development Council of the Philippines and as coordinator for 11th International Silent Film Festival. She is a member of the Society of Filipino Archivists of Film (SOFIA).

Ivy Pangilinan

Ivy Pangilinan is a freelance designer and visual artist currently living in Manila, Philippines. Her design work extends to branding and visual identity design, web visual design, packaging design, invitation design, surface design, and illustration work. On the side, she also maintains a steady art practice as an abstract painter. Learn more about her and the work she does via and @ivypangs.

Jacob Friedman

Jacob is a science fiction enthusiast who likes to talk about his adventures.

Jaime Fanlo

Jaime, Mantle's motoring correspondent, is a lawyer, professional beer brewer and one of the founders of Pedro Brewcrafters. When he isn't brewing beer, he is dreaming of cars, or trying to improve his laptimes at Clark International Speedway.

Jappy Agoncillo

Jappy Agoncillo is a 24-year-old artist based in Manila. His work revolves around themes of nostalgia, pop culture, duality, resilience, and strength, all depicted in various media such as illustration, paintings, and street art. Aside from Manila, he's done work in Los Angeles, New York, and Mumbai, India.

Jar Concengco

Jar has been behind the camera for over a decade covering all kinds of subjects -from food to architecture; from fashion to world leaders. Full time photographer, a father of 3, an occasional writer, and has been learning furniture making for a year now.

Jason Inocencio

Jason Inocencio is a geek who enjoys writing about topics as varied as sports, comics, movies, and anime. Though often considered loud, his voice is often heard booming loud over speakers at events like Komikon.

Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is an international man of mystery. He likes whiskey and coffee. Dogs too.

Jewel Angeles

When Jewel isn't spending her days watching movies, she enjoys spending time alone, watching strangers go by and making up stories in her head about them... like a movie.

Jonathan Lansang

Jonathan Lansang is a Level 99 Geek and Level 5 Fitness Enthusiast (he has a gym membership and will probably actually go one of these days.) He would be super fit if carbs weren't so damn good. Health is life, but rice is lifer.


Joyen is the Philippines' first and only openly practicing rope bondage dominatrix, and is also the country's first homegrown international burlesque performer. She is often called Manila's bad girl of burlesque, the wicked bitch of the East.

Kalayaan Magno

Kalayaan Magno is a TV producer for business news by morning and all sorts of things after. Believing that itineraries should never be fixed, he’s wandered into all sorts of jobs and hobbies. He hated the outdoors as a kid, so he has some major catching up to do.

Kara Santos

Kara Santos is a freelance writer and photographer. When not on the road or motorcycling somewhere off for the weekend, she’s leveling up her experience points in the latest PlayStation RPG. Follow her her real-life and virtual adventures on Travel Up!

Karen Mae De Vera

Karen Mae de Vera is a freelance writer, content creator, and event host. She has worked in the print magazine industry for almost a decade and writes for major publications. She's a cosplay enthusiast and all-around geek who owns an extensive Super Mario and Sailor Moon collection.

Karishma Gidwani

Be it street fashion or cocktails, Karishma Gidwani can turn anything into a one-of-a-kind concept whether IRL or online. She also specializes in analytics for web and social media as well as digital branding

Karl R. De Mesa

Karl R. De Mesa is a journalist and writer who co-hosts the fight culture podcast DSTRY.MNL and the dark arts and entertainment podcast Kill the Lights. His latest book is Radiant Void, a collection of essays and non-fiction available from Visprint Inc.

Karlo Samson

Karlo Samson used to be a career magazine editor, but his industry went kicked the bucket. He has since pivoted to social media and brand marketing but still can't quit publishing completely. That's why he’s still writing.

Kenji Inukai

Kenji is an avid gamer and Tokyo-based salaryman, making the most of his Japanese-Filipino heritage in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kimi Galgana

My art alias is Sushi simply because I love sushi. I like to express myself and share my creativity through various forms of art.

Lei Yabut

Lei is an artist, cat mom, and lumpia enthusiast. With a penchant for fiction, she greatly enjoys immersing herself in books, TV series, and films. The most tangible wish that she can think of on the spot is Animal Crossing for the Switch.

Liz Jocano

Liz Jocano is a graphic artist and illustrator, and enjoys taking photos from events to cosplays to boudoir. She enjoys taking pictures but shy when it comes to taking selfies.

Macy Añonuevo

Macy Añonuevo is a sustainability professional, marine biologist, and writer who loves to travel, talk about science, and take photos of stuff. She is happiest whenever she’s in the ocean. She blogs at

Mara Fabella

Mara is an artist and a writer who graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Painting. Some of her favorite conversation topics include art history, comic book cinematic universes, and fitness wear. She is an avid yoga practitioner but will never, ever say no to some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Marco Sumayao

As a freelance writer for several titles both local and abroad, Marco Sumayao pens articles about virtually everything, from nuanced art critiques to juvenile sex comedies. He was warned at an early age that a career in the arts would leave him broke and hungry. Today, his fast-developing dad bod suggests otherwise.

Margaux Tolentino

Margaux appreciates the finer things in life, and she does her best to make the most of them.

Mariana Varela

Mariana is a beach bum in search of the next good book. Sometimes a filmmaker, usually a blogger. Always down for buffalo wings.

Mark Policarpio

Petrolhead through and through, Mark loves going fast, whether it's on two wheels, or four wheels. If you need to find him, you'll find him on the track, trying to find his drone, which is going the other way. If you do spot him, make sure to tell him to put on sunscreen!

Mikael Angelo Francisco

A multi-awarded science communicator and self-proclaimed pop culture connoisseur, Mikael runs his own science news website, writes film reviews, and verbally rips terrible comic books to shreds. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, running, painting vinyl collectibles, and dressing up as fictional characters (usually some variation of Spider-Man).

Mitch Lagos

Mitch is your average caffeine-fuelled IT guy. He’s almost always window shopping for menswear and managing his incurable sneaker addiction. He’ll still probably be a basketball junkie even if he can't run anymore.

Nadine Howell Fanlo

Nadine Howell Fanlo is the Co-founder and Director of Sales & Marketing of Pedro Brewcrafters. While she is no stranger to typing up a lengthy caption for an Instagram post (usually about food), she finds writing a feature story to be something out of her comfort zone and writing in the third person even more so.

Nina Mitra

Nina Mitra is a creative at heart, currently focused on digital marketing. She enjoys creating content for successful marketing and advertising campaigns across a variety of brands and concepts.

Paolo Jose

Paolo mainly subsists on caffeine and toddlers’ leftovers, but would do unspeakable things for a proper steak. Currently employed as a copywriter, he often wonders if he could otherwise make a living dancing on grapes in some faraway vineyard. He has a fondness for the awkward, absurd, and alliterative.

Patrick Mateo

Patrick Mateo was awarded the 2003 Portrait Photographer of the Year Award by the Kodak Professional Philippines and the Association of Portrait Studios of the Philippines, and Best Photo Documentary at the 2014 Asian Publishing Awards. He has shot everything under the sun, for both editorial and corporate clients. He will shoot any assignment, but portraits, food and products remain closest to his heart.

Patricia Calzo Vega

Patricia Calzo Vega’s day job involves talking to people about food security, nutrition and biotechnology. On days off, she talks to her dogs. Follow @thepoppetshow on Instagram for bad photos of good books, interesting experiences and the occasional questionable life choice.

Paul Catiang

Paul Catiang is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher who moonlights as a yoga and meditation teacher. He has too many books and knows too many people.

Paul Del Rosario

With his first big break as a photojournalist in 2009, Paul Del Rosario pivoted from his art direction work in advertising to a greater focus on photography. On top of more mainstream projects, the highlights of his photography portfolio span a range of out-of-the-box concept shoots and adventures: car chases, unorthodox flights, and other dynamic experiences that most would think twice about being able to capture well on camera.

Paul Gadi

Paul is CTO and Co-Founder at He loves exploring the intersection of new technologies with game design and believes that decentralization and shared economies will revolutionize how we play games. He writes at

Paul Wenceslao

Paul Wenceslao is not an actor. He’s not a star. And he doesn’t even have his own car. But he used to be the managing editor of a popular men’s magazine, is currently a freelance writer and editor who manages his own team, was a former booth owner at Mercato, and is BFF to his nine cats. All that should amount to something, he hopes.

Regina Layug Rosero

Writer, editor, geek, Regina Layug Rosero has always been a storyteller. These days, she hopes to tells stories that will make the world a better place.

Rheea Hermoso Prudente

Rheea Hermoso-Prudente used to live and breathe watches when she worked with Lucerne Luxe Magazine—the connoisseur’s guide to fine watches. She now lives in the City of Pines, where she’s a homeschooling mom, homestead faker, and a Martha Stewart wannabe. She also has traded luxury for advocacy, currently heading Seafarer Asia, an online platform that caters to Filipino seafarers and their families.

Rick Olivares

Rick Olivares has been writing professionally since he was in third year college. He has covered some of the world's biggest football clubs across Europe and Asia, graffiti artists in London and Paris, traveled in a van covered indie rock bands in New York all the way up to Philadelphia. The last thing on his bucket list is to reunite the Smiths.

Roanne Duran

Roanne has been news writer, TV producer, development and corporate communicator, and all-around storyteller. She writes to inspire the world, keep her sanity, and pay the bills.

Rob Cham

Rob Cham is an illustrator, comic book creator, writer, artist, and friend. He received the National Book Award for his first graphic novel Light, and the National Children’s Book Award for the follow-up, Lost.

Rosa Fontelera Yong

Rosa is married and the mother of two humans, three dogs, and 7.5 cats. Writing, arts and crafts and all things pink are her primary sources of sanity.

Rowhe Siy

Rowhe Siy has a background in Clothing Technology, but she currently makes a living doing things that are in no way related to her degree. The first articles she worked on were about luxury wristwatches, but she has since worked on pieces related to travel and history.

Ruby Bayan Llamas

Ruby Bayan is a writer, crafter, and amateur photographer who has developed a compulsion for stringing bead jewelry. Her handcrafted creations, written word, and personal interests are showcased in her website, Sometimes she wants to believe she's retired.

Sabrina Schnabel

Sabrina Schnabel is a comedian and a historian. She hosts a podcast about history called Whats AP and is a proud member of the Slytherin House.

Tessa Martinez

Tessa wants to see the world. But for now, she’s happy to just get out of the house.

Tim Villasor

Tim has been a fan of the Batman for as long as he can remember. He continues to collect Batman comics and merchandise to this day, and even cosplays as the character during comic conventions and events, serving as one of the figures in the local Batman fangroup The Dark Knight PH.

Timothy James M. Dimacali

Timothy James M. Dimacali is a science journalist and science fictionist. He received his MS in Science Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after serving close to 8 years as Science and Technology Editor of GMA News Online.

Titus Villanueva

Titus Villanueva is an accounts manager from Quezon City. He moonlights as a comedian, a commission miniature painter, a game master, and a writer for various publications. He is also an avid video gamer.

Veronica Mikers Litton

Veronica Mikers Litton is a writer based in Manila, Philippines. When she isn't putting time into digital marketing, she serves the Manila Wrestling Federation as its Head of Creatives. She lives in Makati with her wifey and three cats. She is currently working on her first novel, Some Jingle Jangle Morning.