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MANTLE is a lifestyle-oriented multimedia brand from the Philippines. At MANTLE, we combine visceral writing with carefully chosen visuals and immersive videos to draw our audience not just to the story but into the world that made that story possible. 
We want to disrupt the binary media landscape with content that balances the formulaic with the authentic. It’s our job to take you behind the scenes and into the heart of every subject.
We’re a creative team of curious individuals who love getting to the heart of every story and sharing it to our audience across the world. 
Tanya Lara Publisher

Tanya Lara is a lifestyle journalist with over two decades of experience as a writer and editor at The Philippine Star newspaper and as head of content on Philstarlife. She is also a book editor and author, editorial consultant, traveler, and amateur underwater photographer.

Chad Alarcon Managing Director

Chad Alarcon is the Managing Director of ODV Creative Media, Inc., an advertising and creative agency based in Manila. While managing ODV, Chad served as the AVP for Advertising at the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation for two years (2019 to 2021). 

Prior to ODV, Chad led the marketing communication efforts for Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific under the LVMH Group.

Gelo Dionora Associate Editor

Gelo Dionora draws from his experiences in PR, media, and advertising to write, edit, and curate stories for MANTLE.

He is also the Communications Manager for ODV Creative Media, Inc and a contributing writer for various lifestyle and creative publications.

Erick Dizon Design Director

Bringing a unique understanding of the creative and commercial sides of fashion, Erick Torres Dizon has emerged as one of the industry’s leading design curators, thinkers, and commentators. He is also the Creative Director of ODV Creative Media Inc.

Brian Monge Production Director

Brian Monge is an experienced creative director and a virtual one-man multimedia production house, having worked in motion graphics, graphic design, music and sound design, video production, photography and web design

Josh Driza Production Officer

Joshua Driza is a multi disciplinary officer for production. He hones his style by combining his background in Philippine classical art and his interest in photography.

We knew you’d reach this part, because we know that—like us—you’re somebody who wants to get to the heart of every story. 
You know that there’s always something greater and better beyond the surface, whether it’s a story about watches, cars, style, gear, people, or places. We get you, and we want to take you with us as we find out the origins and roots of each one. 
And we know you want what we offer, so we curate and create platforms where you can get them at a click of a button. 
And just like us, you’re in for a ride—experiencing things you’ve never seen before, or never seen the same way.
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