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MANTLE is a lifestyle-oriented multimedia brand that’s focused on bringing new experiences to its audience around Asia. Combining visceral writing, carefully chosen visuals, and immersive videos, it connects to its readers by giving them the story behind the subject.

Whether it’s about watches, cars, style, gear, people, or places—it’s things you’ve never seen, or never seen the same way. We want to give you the feeling of being there, of being part of something that’s more than ordinary. It’s not just about telling a story—it’s about bringing you to it.


Aurelio Icasiano III

Editor in Chief
Aurelio Icasiano III has been in media for 14 years: as a television producer and writer, travel correspondent, book editor, and as editor of an internationally-awarded men’s lifestyle magazine. He runs an electrical construction company by day but spends all too much time thinking about the next story.


Erick Torres Dizon

Director of Design
A creative director and a constant purveyor of style.


Brian Monge

Director of Production
Brian Monge is an experienced creative director and a virtual one-man multimedia production house, having worked in motion graphics, graphic design, music and sound design, video production, photography and web design.

Joshua Driza

Production Officer
Joshua Driza is a multi disciplinary officer for production. He hones his style by combining his background in Philippine classical art and his interest in photography.