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MANTLE Picks: Mother’s Day Gifts

Here’s a quick list of gifts you can give your mother on her special day next week—or any time of the year, for that matter.

From the mother who loves to say a little prayer, the homemaker who loves to make dining elevated, to the woman who wants to add a bit of flair to her everyday look, there’s bound to be something in this list for the most special women in our lives.

Check out our recommendations below for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift:

Timeless classics from ARAO

ARAO is a Hong Kong-based fine jewelry brand with deep roots in the Philippines. Directly translated, the name is derived from the Filipino word, “sun.” Its founder, Mirabel Rosar, launched the brand in 2020 as an expression of her love for fine jewelry, specifically Philippine Golden South Sea Pearls.

Give these classic pieces to the mother who wants to enhance her beauty with timeless Filipino jewelry.

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Comfy coronation-themed wear from Marks & Spencer

Women’s Pure Cotton Coronation T-Shirt in multi
PHOTO: Marks & Spencer

If the mother in your life has been following the saga of the royals, this shirt from Marks & Spencer would make a great gift. And you can even get one for yourself (or your kids, or anyone else) to join her, as Marks & Spencer’s limited-edition collection includes a whole set of clothing and homeware commemorating the historic coronation.

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Meaningful accessories from AMEN

AMEN is the brainchild of entrepreneur Giovanni Licastro who, in 2012, launched a bracelet with engraved the Lord’s Prayer. At the heart of this project are faith and love, and the strong desire to share, through jewelry, meaningful words and symbols that bring us close to those we love so they feel protected. 

These are special gifts for mothers who value their faith and appreciate a prayer (or two).

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Dining at home made special with CASA JUAN homeware

A brand that is inspired by the culture and heritage of the Philippines, CASA JUAN brings two new styles to its homeware range that ring in nostalgia. It also ushers in that distinct sense of excitement that we as children once had for the arrival of summer.

Give these gifts to the mother who loves to make dining special with gorgeous homeware and accessories.

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Be playful and passionate with these OMEGA watches for Mom

For the unique and passionate mothers who love to make their lives vibrant, OMEGA collaborates with loving children to breathe new life into their classic lifestyle watches.

Recognizing how precious time is for mothers, OMEGA seeks to make Mother’s Day more jovial and meaningful with a series of watch photos decorated with children’s illustrations. Playful shapes and colors make for an unexpected yet endearing accompaniment to OMEGA’s lineup of statement watches.

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