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Xiao Zhan and Gucci unite for an iconic collection: Link to love

Xiao Zhan add an extra layer of allure to Gucci’s contemporary fine jewelry

Gucci’s latest venture into the realm of fine jewelry is exquisite, and it’s difficult not to be enamored with the collection. 

Adding to its style is the presence of Global Brand Ambassador, Xiao Zhan, who stars in the new campaign and demonstrates how to wear and stack contemporary fine jewelry with utmost charm.

The Link to Love collection aims to redefine the concept of romance. The most notable feature is its capacity for customization, allowing wearers to stack rings and bracelets of various widths, precious stones, and hues of white, yellow, and rose gold. It’s a timeless selection that embodies the House’s spirit of individualism and self-expression, ideal for those who want to wear their hearts on their sleeves—or in this instance, their fingers, wrists, and necks.

The jewelry, made of white, pink, or yellow gold, has a variety of finishes, including plain, studded, and beautifully striped. It is intricately set with valuable stones like diamonds or green tourmalines. The varied assortment comprises necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, many of which have the distinguishing octagonal shape that denotes the brand.

The recently introduced chain link design, distinguished by its studded pattern, is a highlight element of the collection. This design has been added to bracelets and necklaces of various lengths and densities. Statement rings and hoops in full yellow gold or in a bi-color combination of pink and white gold round out the priceless selection.

Therefore, whether you’re searching for a bold ring or a few bracelets to add to your stack, the Gucci Link to Love collection will captivate your heart. After all, who needs Cupid’s arrow when you’ve got Gucci?