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The Samsung Serif TV and the Lifestyle Soundbar combo is the home theater you need this summer

Perfect pair for the summer? There’s smoked salmon with a G&T, safari jackets with chinos. But here’s a case for a tv with a sound bar. 

With summerquickly heating up, we’re glancing at our phones more often, checking out what the temperature’s going to be like for the day. And while, yeah, it’s the best season to do some weekend traveling, no one’s really going to blame you if you sit it out and just stay indoors. Because it’s the best season to get some down time on the couch, too. Maybe with some chilled craft beer and a couple of steaks on the grill. And if you’re looking to spend some time indoors, you might as well get set up for it. 

Here’s where the Samsung Serif and the soundbar come in. It’s a simple setup that basically covers everything. But first, let’s get into the looks. Because it really is hard to miss with these two. 

The Serif veers away from the usual color palettes you see on televisions. You know, the blacks and the occasional grays. The Serif, instead, comes in white. It’s essentially going to blend well with almost anything. And in the few weeks that we tried it out, it really just belnded in with our routine.

The frame that surrounds the unit is done up in curving lines, and it’s pretty for what it is. It can stay put on its own, or you can prop it up with the stand that comes with it. This means you can basically put it anywhere. Say, alone on a console table or beside a wall facing your bed when using the stand. You won’t need to twist your interiors around to match it, and you can keep moving it around because of the stand.

Okay, so it looks good. We’ve got that covered already. But you’re not just getting a tv because it’s pretty. The good news is the Serif packs a lot of stuff in its kit to match how it looks. 

The Serif delivers fantastic picture quality with QLED technology. The colors are brilliant, and with HDR 10+, it analyzes input on a per-frame basis, and sorts it out to make sure you’re getting the best picture quality. When we first tried it out with Mission Impossible: Fallout on Netflix, it delivered a dynamic home theatre experience, especially with the Soundbar, which we’ll come around to in a bit.

It’s a smart tv, so it’s got all the bells and whistles that means, plus a bit more. But you don’t have to get bogged down with the tech. The Serif, more than anything, is easy to use. The remote is an uncomplicated thing with tabs that you pull for sound and switching channels and a wheel that lets you navigate the interface easily. It even has a mic you can speak into, so you can tell it to search for things. Helpful, if you can’t be bothered to type things on the screen.

Oh, and you can charge the remote through a solar panel in the back. That’s honestly, incredibly cool. You can charge it via USB-C as well. But if you don’t want a cable to get in the way of a lazy afternoon, just plop it near a window and let the sun take care of it. 

If you’ve got a smart home, you can run the tv with SmartThings via NFC. It’s basically a bit of tech magic that lets you tell the Serif what it should be doing at certain times of the day. You can, for example, tell it to run Ambient Mode and show you the weather, the time, and some other info you think you’ll need every morning when you wake up. So that’s pretty cool, too.

Well that’s the Serif. Now we pair it (via bluetooth) with the Lifestyle Soundbar. The Soundbar, for the most part, looks just as good as the Serif. And it’s slim too, clocking in at 39.9mm. Think about it. That’s just about the size of an average modern watch case. It also comes with a subwoofer, but you can just hide that behind whatever, since it’s compact as well. 

It’s the world’s first wireless Dolby Atmos connection that can link to a Samsung Smart tv. It’s got both Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X, which recreates sound and makes your audio three-dimensional. You can experience sound from above, with its 3.1.2 Sound or three channels, one subwoofer channel, and 2-up firing channels.

With these two, you basically have a home cinema that you can put anywhere around the house. Spotify sessions for a house party? You’re covered. Weekend barbecue entertainment? You’ve got it. Netflix in the bedroom? Done. Chill optional, but likely, especially with these around.

That’s exactly the kind of thing you want for summer. And just like whisky with cigars, linen jackets with cotton trousers, you’re going to want to start pairing these two.