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The OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades collection goes beyond aesthetics

Above: The 38mm line of the OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades collection. From left: Atlantic Blue, Bay Green, Sandstone, Saffron, Terracotta. Photo: OMEGA

The colorful dials take center stage in this collection, but without overshadowing the OMEGA Seamaster’s maritime spirit.

The original OMEGA Seamaster pieces were meant to be functional and water-resistant—based on an early design for the British military. But they’ve since evolved to be sporty and wearable for everyday use. With the advent of the Aqua Terra line in 2002, the brand further gave the Seamaster an urban appeal, with a name honoring the timepiece’s versatility on water (Aqua) and land (Terra).

The Aqua Terra line has been a favorite among those who lead an active lifestyle, but prefer a more laid-back feel—as compared to the more tool-oriented features that deck the more technical Seamaster pieces. 

The Aqua Terra 150M in Shell Pink from the 34mm line.
Photo: OMEGA

With self-expression and personality being more pronounced these days, however, OMEGA has kept with the times and gave the Aqua Terra a colorful and vibrant makeover with the Aqua Terra Shades collection.

Inspired by the line’s name, the collection follows the spectrum from ocean to earth, encompassing unique tones like Atlantic Blue, Lagoon Green, and Terracotta. Nature and the movement from land to water become the foremost inspiration for these pieces.

The 34mm collection of the OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades collection. From left: Sea Blue, Lagoon Green, Sandstone, Shell Pink, Lavender.
Photo: OMEGA

Different color swatches are available for the 38mm and 34mm sizes, both of which carry the precise Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement that the Seamaster is known for. The brass dials are sun-brushed outwards from the centre and lacquered, giving the colors an extra depth. 

The 34mm line pushes the nautical theme further by sporting indexes that take the shape of sailboat hulls. Both the hands and indexes feature 18K gold, while wave-edged designs circle the backs of the symmetrical stainless steel cases. 

Going beyond aesthetics, these pieces from the OMEGA Aqua Terra Shades channel their personality through color while embodying the robust spirit of the Seamaster. It’s this versatility that the brand encapsulates in their new campaign called “Every Shade of You,” highlighting the Aqua Terra’s vivid selection of dials.

A longtime brand ambassador of OMEGA, Eddie Redmayne sports the different watches from the 38mm Aqua Terra line.
Photo: OMEGA

Ultimately, the Aqua Terra Shades collection proves that, whatever colors or hues these watches take, the Seamaster’s legacy and spirit still come through.