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Here’s a preview of what’s coming from Uniqlo this summer

The fan-favorite Japanese brand has more than a few things up its sleeves for the next few months, including collabs with JW Anderson, Inès de la Fressange, and pieces inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Recently, at Whitespace in Manila, Uniqlo gave us a glimpse of their upcoming releases for the summer. Several booths lined the sides of the place, each featuring one of the key collections in Uniqlo’s stable. It’s the same setup, apparently, that’s been used for previews worldwide, and being in the middle of it all gives you a feel of what kind of summer you can expect from the brand.

There’s a reason Uniqlo is a staple across most wardrobes. The Japanese casual wear brand began as a textile manufacturer in 1949 and puts a lot of attention into how clothes are made, especially the materials used to make them. It has since become one of the most recognizable names in fashion, with entire ranges dedicated to everything from streetwear and office apparel, to workwear and intimates. And while they come up with a lot of basics, they’ve also made quite a few trendy collabs. 

For this season, you’ll be happy to note that some of Uniqlo’s most popular collabs are hitting the racks for another round. There’s a JW Anderson collection—a welcome addition from the British luxury brand—which will likely see plenty of use in a relaxed casual setting.

JW Anderson is known for blurring the lines as to who can wear what, and you can see the brand’s androgynous style in this fresh batch of pieces. Between polos, button-down shirts, jackets, and trousers—everything’s just a bit oversize enough that they can easily be worn by most anyone. This round’s a bit less country and a lot more urban, and it’s easy to see these being mixed in with tailored pieces.

The Lifewear collection, on the other hand, is all about pockets for the men’s range. Between shirts with breast pockets and four-pocket overshirts, you can probably leave the bag behind. Loose cuts allow for a lot of movement, and are a godsend when the heat peaks in the summer. And since Uniqlo places a lot of focus on their technical fabrics, you can safely layer these for the summer. 

There’s also a refreshed collection from Inès de la Fressange—which throws a bit of Parisian style into the mix—as well as a collection inspired by the work of the late Neo-Expressionist artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

All of these are set to hit the racks in the coming months. And since there’s no mention of a specific release date just yet, you might want to keep your eyes peeled and check their app every so often. Meanwhile, you can download their StyleHint app to get a few ideas as to what people are wearing these days.