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Nüwa Manila claims another year in the 5-star category on the Forbes Travel Guide

Nüwa Manila and the Nüwa Spa make the cut yet again.

Around this time each year, the hospitality industry is always on the lookout, because it’s during this time that the Forbes Travel Guide–one of the most respected institutions in the field—releases its star rating for hotels. 

And if you aren’t familiar with how it works, here’s how it goes. The Forbes Travel Guide is a widely recognized global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas. But it also has a bit of mystery surrounding it. 

Every year, they send out professionals across the globe to evaluate destinations and rate them in a system that goes from one to five stars. And how they do it is a bit of a secret. What we do know, though, is that these professionals travel incognito, and rate each place according to 900 objective standards. 

That’s why getting a five-star rating is always worth celebrating. And this year, City of Dreams’ Nüwa Manila and Nüwa Spa are doing just that . 

Nüwa Manila is one of the three luxury hotels in the City of Dreams resort complex. It’s a sprawling building that houses 254 rooms and dining options like the Cantonese restaurant Crystal Dragon, the poolside resto-bar Breezes, and Haliya, which serves Filipino cuisine.

It’s the hotel’s sixth year in a row in the five-star category, which tells you a lot, since the past few years haven’t exactly been stellar for anyone. 

The Nüwa Spa, meanwhile, racked up its fourth year in the five-star category. It’s a 654-sqm space that offers treatments exclusively designed by Omorovizca—an award-winning European brand that specializes in using natural materials like extracts and oils. 

“While pandemic-related challenges have indeed been felt over the past few years, we are ready to welcome back the steady influx of tourists to our global resort properties by further enhancing Melco’s signature culture of service excellence with dedication and commitment.” says Melco Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Ho. “We also anticipate extending our service excellence to more guests from the world over at Melco’s soon-to-open Studio City Phase 2 and City of Dreams Mediterranean.”

That’s something to look forward to, then. And while travel is already experiencing a comeback after a couple of years of lockdowns, there’s still a lot of space for it move forward. 

“Travel is in an incredible position for continued growth, as people prioritize authentic, in-person experiences,” says Amanda Frasier, President of Ratings for Forbes Travel Guide. “The hotels, ocean cruises, restaurants and spas on our 2023 Star Rating list demonstrate an impressive commitment to creating memorable environments that nurture connection, joy and sense of place as we experience the world to its fullest.”