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Galeria Paloma explores digital worlds for Art Fair Philippines 2023

Above: “Mirage: Sky still 3” – Wyn-Lyn Tan

“Parallel” gathers leading digital and new media artists for Galeria Paloma’s debut exhibition at Art Fair Philippines.

Galeria Paloma marks its first year at Art Fair Philippines with “Parallel,” showcasing digital and new media artists making waves locally and internationally. The exhibition will be held at The Link (6/F, Booth 27-A) in Makati and will be simultaneously displayed at NINFA Labs in Milan, Italy. 

“Parallel” takes cues from the simultaneous emerging realities in Web3 and the digital art sphere. It encompasses themes such as the metaverse mirroring the physical universe, augmented realities that layer naked-eye reality, and the emergence of phygital art where creativity treads on multiple media. 

Galeria Paloma’s debut exhibition at Art Fair Philippines’ 10th iteration will feature physical (paintings and sculpture), phygital (physical and digital), and digital/new media art by artists who have been selected for their contributions to the landscapes here and abroad.

As an offshoot to the parallel theme, the exhibition will be simultaneously displayed at another physical site: NINFA Labs in Milan, Italy, furthering Galeria Paloma’s aim to be an international platform for its artists and an example of technological advances allowing for an original work of art to be exhibited in two (or more) locations.

“During the onboarding phase of the galleries, Galeria Paloma came to our attention as a solid project that immediately gave us confidence in wanting to establish a collaborative relationship with them,” Carlo Borloni, head of sales for NINFA, said in a statement. 

“We believe regardless of how digitalized the world has become, there’s still a significant need for human interaction. It’s crucial to be able to offer a space for traditional collectors who are curious to learn about this new digital world. These new digital technologies allow us to experience simultaneous exhibitions, as is now the case, even if from different parts of the world,” he adds. 

“We are delighted to offer ‘Parallel’ on NINFA’s gallery and online platform,” says Kimi Delgado, Galeria Paloma director. “This is in line with our goals to align with the best platforms internationally in order to afford more exposure to the artists we represent and  to embrace technological advances allowing for an original work of art to be exhibited in two (or more) locations.”

Galeria Paloma will be representing the following artists at the fair: Skye Nicolas, Luis Buenaventura, Bjorn Calleja, Jopet Arias, The Alarcon Brothers, Carlos, Wyn-Lyn Tan, Raymond Lauchengco, AJ Dimarucot, Aswang, Sevi Agregado, Isaiah Cacnio, and Sheila Ledesma. The collectors of each artwork will be owners of the digital and physical forms of each piece, including the NFT.

“The emergence of the metaverse has made axiomatic parallels to the physical world,” concludes Delgado. “Art has become one of its layers, and we are proud to present a roster of the best artists who have embraced this multi-layered medium in all its complexity.”


“Parallel” is presented in partnership with Samsung The Frame, which has been the gallery’s partner and choice for the best solution in the display of digital artworks on a TV screen. 

For more information, contact:
Mobile: +63 917 533 4206 (Mia Lauchengco)
Instagram: @galeriapaloma
Twitter: @galeria_paloma