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You can now hang out at MINI’s new flagship showroom in BGC 

The huge space is dedicated to everything the motoring marque stands for, and even has a second floor where you can talk shop. 

Walking into the new MINI showroom at BGC, Taguig, is something of an experience. At 753 square meters, the sheer size of the space just hits you the moment you enter. But it isn’t the size that makes it work—the atmosphere it creates lets you experience a taste of what’s it like to live the lifestyle. 

Everything is decked out in modern, industrial-inspired decor, with large glass panels that let the light in freely. But touches like the guest area—decked with couches and a large flat screen—create a more intimate environment.

Off by the side, MINI and other British memorabilia deck the walls and shelves, while another part of the space has some merch up for grabs (luggage, slings, clothes—that sort of thing). There’s also a service bay on-site, for quick jobs, and if you walk up to the second floor, there’s a spacious rooftop where you can hang out with friends and talk shop. Pretty soon, there will also be some electric vehicle charging points, which are going to come in handy as the EV movement progresses. 

“2023 is going to be an exciting year for MINI globally, and in the Philippines,” said Kidd Yam, Head of MINI Asia. “This year we will focus on bringing customers new editions, creating engaging experiences to bring the MINI Community together, and reigniting our commitment to environmental and social sustainability initiatives.” 

That’s a lot to look forward to, but in the meantime, you can check out the new MINI flagship showroom in BGC. At any given time, there are up to four cars on the floor, which you can check out while getting your MINI serviced, or if you’re still on the fence about getting one. But once you get into the history of MINI (and trust me, it’s a rabbit hole) you might just change your mind.