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The last-minute gift guide for the final days of the Christmas rush

Waited till the very last minute? You can still get some Christmas shopping done.

With the Christmas rush coming into full swing, you may have overlooked your gift list over the past few weeks. Fortunately, you can still get some easy shopping done. And as we count down the last few days before the celebration, here are a few ideas to get you started.

For the watch enthusiast

Kross Studio TIE Advanced X1 Watch Winder

Photo: Vintage Grail

With Disney+ kicking up the Star Wars fever, there’s no better time to be a fan of the stories from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away. Now you can bring part of that universe into your watch collection (or someone else’s). The Kross Studio TIE Advanced X1 Watch Winder Brings Darth Vader’s famous ship and makes it a little more suitable for home use. Made out of black anodized aluminum, it has a sensor that automatically activates when a watch is placed in the capsule and it also connects to your phone via an app. You can pick one up at Vintage Grail.

The Moonswatch

Photo: Swatch

No other watch has generated this much buzz over the past year, and people all over the world lined up to get a piece of watchmaking history done up in Swatch’s pop culture style. While the lines are a bit tamer at this point, and stocks are a bit touch and go, it’s still possible to pick up a Moonswatch for the watch lover in your life. 

For the Sartorially Inclined 

Aire Jackets

Photo: Aire

Even in the Christmas season, tropical weather still tends to favor comfortable wear, and that’s exactly what Aire’s relaxed designs are putting on the table. Aire’s jackets are made out of pineapple linen (which is softer to the touch than you might initially think), with loose weaves that stay comfortable in the heat. Plus, their linen is sustainably made as well, so you get plus points on Santa’s good list. 

Italian Ties

Photo: Hardly Ever Found

Ties aren’t just for father’s day. And at a time when people are starting to go out and dress up more, these ties will make a great addition to a wardrobe. Hardly Ever Found has a selection of ties from Italian brands like Zegna, Zanolini, and Trussardi, with colors and patterns that range from conservative to festive. You can check out the whole collection at Hardly Ever Found

For the Kid at heart

Looney Tunes X Boss

Photo: BOSS

It seems Boss isn’t afraid to get in touch with its inner child, and this new collaboration with Looney Tunes displays its more playful side. The capsule collection combines Looney Tunes catchphrases—together with a variety of carrot and bunny motifs—with the signature BOSS logo. And with the upcoming year of the rabbit, this is going to be fun to wear even after the holidays. 

For the outer space enthusiast

Omega Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer

Photo: Omega

Okay, first things first: this watch tells the time on Mars, and that’s something that any fan of space exploration can get behind. It’s meant to help scientists keep track of the time on Mars. It was created in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), an organization with 22 member states that’s focused on space exploration. And given Omega’s track record of doing just that, this is a match that’s made in the stars. 

Montblanc Extreme3 StarWalker BlackCosmos

Photo: Montblanc

If a watch isn’t in the cards, the Montblanc Extreme3 StarWalker BlackCosmos might be up your alley. The open takes inspiration from spacefarers—as well as the engineers, scientists, and staff that make space exploration possible.  This piece features a new surface treatment that evokes the compact and rocky surface of planets like Mars, Mercury, and Venus. 

For the Lover of Local

Crafts from ArteFino Presente

Photo: ArteFino

ArteFino is a festival that celebrates culture, craft, community, and a conscious lifestyle. More than a hundred local brands have participated in it over the years, and this Christmas season’s edition highlights crafts that are extremely fascinating (not to mention highly gift-able). From craft local chocolate and meticulously detailed sculptures, to handcrafted plates and clothing made out of pineapple fibers: these pieces will intrigue people who are interested in locally made designs.