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IN PHOTOS: What went down at Whisky Live Manila 2022

Nosing glasses in hand, MANTLE dove into the world of whiskies and premium liquor a few weeks ago.

With restrictions getting laxer and more people getting vaccinated, it’s not novel anymore to see face-to-face events back in full swing.

However, that didn’t stop me from feeling overwhelmed by the crowds at Whisky Live Manila 2022. It had less to do with the volume of people than the idea that I was in a packed hall full of enthusiastic drinkers.

In retrospect though, doesn’t that sound like a good time for giddy drinkers like myself (even if I wasn’t exactly a whisky fan—read more about my first time experiencing a whisky tasting here) and Aurelio, my editor-in-chief? We were definitely in the middle of something that screams MANTLE.

Everyone in this photo has, at least, consumed a shot of whisky.
There were free-flowing drinks at every turn and corner.

Considering that the last night of the event saw Manila suffer from rains and heavy traffic, the turnout at Whisky Live Manila was impressive. The masterclasses were well-attended, the glasses were always full, and the attendees were flushed in various shades of red.

Aurelio and I were busy figuring out which liquor brands we should give our red chips to (which allowed us to sample their drinks) and which booths we were going to vote for best display.

In the thick of whisky samplings and speaking to guests (Aurelio got into a lengthy and spirited conversation with a cigar enthusiast), we honestly forgot to drink water until halfway through our trip.

As a gin junkie myself, I was happy to see a gin & tonic booth and other gin brands amid the sea of whiskies.
Photos: MANTLE

In the end, Whisky Live Manila 2022 was successful in gathering 100 international and local liquor brands and several whisky masters for two nights of unlimited tasting, masterclasses and workshops, and bartending competitions.

As Grand Cru CEO Johnssen Li remarked: “It’s such an overwhelming feeling that even after a pandemic and despite the traffic and rainy weather conditions, a lot of people still showed up to celebrate with us with the same energy and enthusiasm towards whisky and our industry.”

For more details for next year’s Whisky Live Manila, visit the Whisky Live Manila website or call the Grand Cru office at 5180131 or 0917 5333373.