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Crocs is Doing Something Right All Along

With several key openings nationwide, the once-contested shoe is slowly cementing its place in the cultural zeitgeist.

Just a few months ago, we wrote about how Crocs keeps crawling back to our feet. With new store openings in the Metro—and opportunities for celebrities and customers alike to express themselves through customized footwear—it seemed that the once-disdained clog was enjoying a triumphant resurgence. 

James Licauco
Trisha Fabe
Aicy Fabe
Nicko Sia

It wasn’t just Manila that the footwear brand sought to target, apparently—in the past few weeks, Crocs opened several retail spaces in key urban areas nationwide, allowing provincial customers and influencers to showcase their personalities through Jibbitz™ charms—yes, those cute decorations, coming in various shapes and colors, that you can stick on your chosen clogs. 

Lance Tan

Pats Pinote and Kobe Go

And as expected, the style savants of these areas were quick to jump on the Crocs train. 

We still maintain our position that Crocs tapped a core desire here: allowing people to express themselves in style, and changing it up whenever they feel like it. We’ve often looked at personalization as a mere “trend,” or even a “threat” to the integrity of a certain item (think watches and how other collectors scoff at the idea of engraving or bedazzling a timepiece). 

But when it comes right down to it, isn’t your personal expression the best style accessory that you can possess and develop?