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Juanito Torres looks for the heroes in our time

A medley of historical figures and contemporary images inform the artist’s quest to define heroism.

In “The Hero In Our Time,” Juanito Torres showcases new major works that tackle the concept of heroism. Revering esteemed figures while also asking what heroism means today, the exhibit invites one to revisit the past, all in search of the heroes of the present and our future. 

Seemingly humorous yet serious and pointed, Torres’ works depict and question the “freedoms” that we have achieved as a nation, as seen in his portraits that juxtapose prominent figures in Philippine history.

Heroes for Freedom
60” x 90” inches
Oil on Canvas

Contemporary issues also inform some of his works, such as in  “Little Heroes (Back to School),” depicting the ongoing pandemic that children contend with as they return to the classroom.

Little Heroes (Back to School)
36” x 24” inches
Oil on Canvas

Drawing from the idea that society continues to be faced with ever-developing and newer threats—the pandemic, climate change, and economic difficulties, among others—Torres’ exhibit leads his public to think that we are indeed the heroes of our time.

As renowned writer and fictionist Jose Dalisay remarks on Torres’ exhibit:

“In this age of massive disinformation and orchestrated behavior, where historical truth can run a far second to customized perception, we may need the likes and the forthrightness of a Juanito Torres to remind us of where true heroism resides: in each of us, as ordinary citizens struggling to do the right thing in a society that demand our submission to power, however wrongful.”

“The Hero in Our Time” is on display at Galerie Raphael, located at the 2nd level of UP Town Center in Quezon City. The exhibit runs until September 7, 2022. For further inquiries, contact +63 (2) 8247-1109 or email