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The Tod’s T Timeless collection doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it could just be what people need right now.

The collection updates traditional silhouettes and sticks to a classic palette, and you won’t have much trouble throwing them into your wardrobe.

It’s become something of a habit for Italian companies to take a homegrown product and turn it into a global phenomenon. Many of their traditional arts (like tailoring, cuisine, shoemaking, and so on) continue to be practiced in the country today, and have subsequently made their way across the world. And at a time when people are being a bit more mindful with their purchases—choosing more sustainable products that hold up well over time—it’s a become a good idea to look into these traditionally-made goods. 

It’s this heritage and history that Italian luxury brand Tod’s draws from in its T Timeless collection. Made up of bags, loafers, belts, and eyewear, the collection makes use of leather and fabric in classic colors like white, black, and orange. 

Looking at the T Timeless range, you’ll notice that it doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel. Rather, it makes a few subtle changes to classic designs, giving them a more modern appearance. The loafers appear more gently curved, the bags are done up with new patterns, and the belts have been subtly made bolder, but overall, nothing too drastic. And that could just be what’s needed during these times. Because you won’t have to go pick up a new wardrobe to fit them in. 

Tod’s has a long history in the classics, and this collection falls right into their wheelhouse. While it’s become one of the most recognizable luxury houses over the decades, it began as a small shoe factory in Casette D’ette—a town in the Le Marche region that sits on a valley along the Adriatic Sea. And even though it’s become a global name, it’s still firmly grounded in its roots, creating leather goods the traditional way.

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