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From Fashion to Furniture

Fresh from 2022 Milano Design Week, DePadova and Paul Smith reveal a collaboration that marries playful colors with Italian craftsmanship.

“You can find inspiration in everything,” is the mantra of British fashion designer, Paul Smith, who has always perceived design as a hotbed of ideas. His playful curiosity, unconventional perspective, and mastery of colors allowed him to create his own signature style: “classic with a twist.”

Paul Smith is inspired by numerous architects and designers, along with his observation of everyday life. This allows him to create innovative ideas in the fashion industry, and now in the world of home furnishings.

Everyday Life Collection

Clean lines, sophisticated comfort and refined details inform the Paul Smith + DePadova EVERYDAY LIFE collection, where simplicity is never obvious and where each object reflects the heritage of DePadova revisited by Paul Smith’s flair.

The collection focuses on upholstered furniture and extends to furnishing accessories, including coffee tables of various shapes and sizes, leather banquettes and accessories for the home.

The pieces come in a minimal charcoal tinted oak wood structure, complementing the shape and color palette of the collection. The shades featured include midnight blue and peacock, neutrals such as ecru, earthy tones such as brick red, and vibrant notes of lime green.

Everyday Life also sheds light on sustainability, as it utilizes eco-friendly natural materials such as hemp for the upholstery. Kapok and recycled feathers are used for the padding.

Life, in a New Lens

The Everyday Life Collection represents the marriage of Italian understatement and playful colors. 

A long-time admirer of the brand, the designer and entrepreneur blended his style discreetly with the essence of DePadova design. “I have total and absolute respect for DePadova and its history to which many design heroes of mine have contributed,” says Paul Smith.

“I admire the uncompromising quality and functional aesthetics, so my touch is tucked in subtle and not so obvious details that present classics in a new light,” he adds.

As more and more fashion houses and designers delve into the world of furniture and interior, we see the concept of design transform into a unique lifestyle experience.

The Everyday Life Sofa, Armchair, Ottoman, and Low Table will soon be available in Boffi Studio Manila. To learn more about Boffi Studio Manila, visit or follow them on Instagram at @boffi_studio_manila.