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The Lexus Design Award 2023 is now open for entries

Lexus is looking for emerging talent to create a better tomorrow through design.

Lexus has just announced the call for entries for LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023, an international design competition that’s looking to discover the next generation of creators.

The award is meant to be a platform for innovative ideas that contribute to a better future through the use of design and technology. In it, entrants can explore ideas and creative concepts that can actually be put into practice. The only consideration is that these ideas have to fall in line with Lexus’ three key principles: anticipate, innovate and captivate.

The design must anticipate global challenges to societies, envision inventive ways to reach a sustainable future, and enhance happiness for everyone. These designs must use both form and function to offer actionable solutions. Whether it’s an answer to social issues, sustainable packaging, or mobility for the disabled: the Lexus Design Award is a platform that’s open to creative ideas.

“Over the past decade, environmental and other issues have ballooned along with the need for solutions. With the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD, we have welcomed and recognized emerging creators of foresight and creative brilliance who apply the power of design to the challenges of building a better tomorrow for all. I eagerly await the fresh talent and impactful ideas that debut at LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023.” Said Simon Humphries, Head of Toyota & Lexus Global Design.

A judging committee of internationally recognized design experts will select four winners from among the entries. The winners will then be mentored by leading creators in diverse design disciplines. Each winner will be allocated a grant of up to 3,000,000 Japanese yen to cover prototype construction and other related expenses involved in refining their concept and design. In the spring of 2023, the four winners will present their finished work for review.

After revealing their work, the award winners will have the opportunity to consult with the judging panel. In addition to receiving feedback, the winners will also receive advice on their career path and goals. 

Mentors and judging committee members will be announced this fall. And if you think you have an idea that’s just waiting for a glocabl platform, entries to the Lexus Design Award 2023 will be accepted through October 16, 2022.

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