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Into the Dreaming: Neil Gaiman talks about the world of The Sandman

Neil Gaiman takes us into the Dreaming and beyond in this new featurette from Netflix.

It’s taken decades for this to happen, but we’ll finally see The Sandman on our screens next week. The series is set to drop on August 5 on Netflix, and has been one of the most anticipated titles on the streaming service since its announcement a few years back.

But first, a little background for those who are only hearing about this now. The Sandman was a graphic novel series written by multi-awarded author Neil Gaiman between 1989-1996 under DC Comics’ Vertigo line. The series broke ground by introducing more mature concepts that rarely appeared in comic books at the time. 

The Sandman explored religion, creation myths, historical figures, modern beliefs, and the human condition, often through the use of anthropomorphic representations of concepts. Thus, you have a main protagonist called Dream, as well as his siblings, The Endless: Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. Each of the Endless represent a part of humanity, and their natures and personalities are derived from the concepts they represent. 

Gaiman is no stranger to complex, philosophical stories  and the whole series is a varied bag of arcs and characters. For a long time, it was also considered extremely difficult to bring to the screen—whether on film or television—with many different versions and projects having been in development for years. Still, Netflix took a gamble and we’ll finally get to see the results of all that effort next week. 

And while we all wait to see how it turns out, we can listen to Neil Gaiman talk about how they brought the world of The Sandman to life in the new featurette below.