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The Bulgari Bridal Jewelry Collection is here to help you pop the question

If you like it then you should get a ring for when things get serious.

With June having passed us by, it’s likely that a few thoughts are running around your head. It’s traditionally known as wedding season, and as the pandemic slowly winds down, we see more and more people tying the knot. But love doesn’t end when the wedding season does, and if you’re thinking about settling down yourself, Bvlgari’s Bridal Jewelry Collection lets you pop the question with a well-crafted piece of stone and metal.

The latest collection is inspired by the city of Roma in Italy. Why Roma? Well, it’s one of the most romantic cities in the world, for one. And, of course, when spelled backwards, it reads Amor, which is Italian for love. 

So when things get serious and it’s time to pop the question, you can bring out these pieces of fine Italian jewelry. (And it goes without saying that you might want to wear your Italian-style suit while doing it). In any case, have a look at the new collection below:

Incontro D’Amore

Incontro is the Italian phrase for “love encounter.” This piece captures the spirit of a chance meeting that eventually turns into something more. Bvlgari’s craftsmen created a special platinum ring set with a round, brilliant-cut diamond and a halo of pavé diamonds. Available from 0.20 ct and with 0.55 and 1.62-carat stones, the ring 

Dedicata a Venezia 

This one has a bit of a story to it. It’s made to commemorate the first engagement ring exchanged in Venice, Italy in the early 16th century. aking its name from an island in the Venetian lagoon, the Dedicata a Venezia is a Torcello platinum ring with a round, brilliant-cut 1.5-carat diamond. Available from 0.30 ct., the Dedicata a Venezia gives you quite a bit of say on the size. Plus it’s got the history to back it up. 


Drawing its inspiration from the most renowned amphitheater of the world, the Colosseum, the B.Zero1 is a one-band ring in 18-karat white gold with one brilliant-cut diamond. With the structural design, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a wedding band to match it with.

Fedi Wedding Ring 

This is for when things finally lead to the aisle. Crafted with platinum and 18-karat gold, the Fedi Wedding Ring is fairly subtle on the finger, and goes well with the B.Zero1 ring. The classic round design will basically match anything youwear, so it won’t take attention away from her watch—or yours.

In any case, you can visit Bulgari’s website to learn more or drop by the Bulgari store at Greenbelt 3 to see the rings for yourself.