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Art Lounge Manila Presents Otherworldly Visions and Printed Artistry this July

Two simultaneous exhibits showcase the role of myth and tradition in contemporary art.

Art Lounge Manila kicks off July with two distinct exhibits that showcase intricacy, attention to detail, and the power of imagination. 

Mythic Visions

Myths and legends come to life in Jomike Tejido’s 16th Solo exhibition: “Nordic Sky Worlds.” The artist takes viewers to the worlds of Norse gods and goddesses, of great battles, and vast otherworldly landscapes.

The Nine Realms, Midgard (Daylight)
48 x 60 inches; Acrylic and oil on canvas; 2022

The whole exhibition is tied together by a crafted panoramic chronicle of the gods and the worlds they inhabit, using a variety of textures and tones to convey plot and mood. In the absence of figurative characters, recurring symbols and icons serve as punctuations scattered across the sweeping vistas of abstract landscapes.

Though maximalist in its execution, the mild color palettes and the near absence of sharp edges give way to flowing lines and curves, evoking a Nordic minimalist feel. They also suggest that sense of “hygge,” a quality of coziness and comfortable joy that creates a feeling of contentment or well-being. 

The Nine Realms, Asgard
48 x 60 inches; Acrylic and oil on canvas, 2022

Fine Print

Art Lounge Manila and the Association of Pinoyprintmakers collaborate to present “Petite Format,” an exhibition of small prints collected from various artists all over the the Philippines. These artists have been exposed to the medium of printmaking through the efforts of the association throughout the years.

Benjie Torrado
The Gaze
Monoprint; 11x 7 inches, 2022

More than a skill, printmaking is also a form of artistic expression—an intimate process between the printmaker and their medium. The process of creating prints is meticulous, almost meditative and complex, yet unpredictable. To a printmaker, each print they produce is unique. Even a limited edition holds nuances in each print. 

The intimate scale of viewing small prints results in a more personal gesture—almost like communicating privately to a friend. Viewers have the opportunity to contemplate on the intricate details of each work up close, which is a better way to present the richness of the art form.

Fil Delacruz
Relief; 11 x 7 inches, 2022

The exhibition features works from Marz Aglipay, Melai Arguzon, Psalm Astejada, Pandy Aviado, Diana Aviado, Luigi Azura, Benjamin Torrado Cabrera, Kristen Cain, Salvador Ching, Joey Cobcobo, Fil Delacruz, Janos Delacruz, Noel El Farol, Tish Hautea, Angelo Magno, Gabi Nazareno, Jone Sibugan, Suchin Teoh, Carmel Torres Lim, and Anton Villaruel.

“Nordic Sky Worlds” will run from July 1 to 12 at Art Lounge Manila – Molito in Muntinlupa City, while “Petite Form will run from July 1 – 10, 2022 at Art Lounge Manila – Podium, Ortigas Center. 
For more information, visit the Art Lounge Manila website or check out their official Facebook and Instagram pages.