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The future is electric: the Lexus Electrified Sport Concept shows us what we could be seeing on the roads

As seen in the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, the concept car is a looker, and the projected performance could leave other electric vehicles in the dust. And it’s going to do it quietly, at that. 

The Lexus Electrified Sport Concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Photo: Lexus

With electric cars gaining a bit more attention due to the rising gas prices, eyes are on the industry to see where it’s headed. And if the electric revolution can bring the same amount of excitement as the combustion engine releases, then there’s all the more reason to look into it. This is exactly what Lexus is bringing to the table with the  Electrified Sport Concept: it’s a glimpse into the future of what electric sports cars could be. 

Revealed in the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Electrified Sport Concept is a futuristic take on the supercar. It exploits the design freedoms, performance, and handling potential from an all-electric drivetrain. Lexus expects that the production version of the concept could do 0-100 km/h in the low two-second range, while a modern solid state battery could give it a range of more than 700 km. That’s a lot more than you’d expect out of an all-electric.  

A previously unseen early sketch of the Lexus Electrified Sport Concept.
Photo: Lexus
The actual concept car comes close to the original idea.
Photo: Lexus

Just recently, Lexus released the early illustrations of the Electrified Sport Concept. These previously unseen sketches are the work of Tom Matsumoto, Senior Lead Designer at Calty Design Research—a studio in California that informs the future of Lexus design by creating its concept vehicles Comparing it to the model that debuted at Goodwood, it’s really not that far off. And seeing the early sketches become a hard, tangible concept car brings us one step closer to the release date. 

In any case, the all-electric scene is becoming more exciting as concepts like these come out. And it might not be that far off until we see these babies roll out from the production lines and onto the streets.