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Icons for Father’s Day

Omega presents three of its most iconic watches—and a range of accessories—for Father’s Day.

With a few days left ‘till Father’s Day, Omega’s got a few gift suggestions for your dad.  Between timepieces from their iconic collections and accessories to match, here are a few pieces that might just make it on your gift list.


The Globemaster first made its debut in the US during the 50s, and was only made for a brief period of time. Due to a copyright issue, Omega couldn’t use the Constellation trademark, and so renamed the watch the Globemaster instead. The issue was resolved fairly quickly, though, so the Globemaster only appeared as a short run in the US until the name was used again in 2015. 

These days, the Globemaster appears in the Constellation collection, and takes its looks from Omega’s vintage hallmarks: a fluted bezel, a pie-pan dial, and a clean presentation. The star above the date display window is a subtle touch to the otherwise uncluttered dial. This 39mm piece can be worn easily with tailored suits or dressed down a little  to enjoy a few cigars duting easy evenings. Whichever your dad prefers, the Globemaster fits the bill.

Speedmaster ’57

Before the Speedmaster became the watch that went to the moon, it was a timepiece that was meant to be on the racetracks. The Speedmaster ’57 takes the icon back to its roots, with a design inspired by the first Speedmaster model from 1957. 

This year’s edition of the watch has a slimmer look, and is powered by a Master Chronometer—one of the most precise movements that Omega produces. The Speedmaster ’57 sits at 40.5mm, which gives it a good presence on the wrist, and has a  stacked “sandwich” dial that gives it more depth and emphasizes the luminous treatment beneath the hour markers. This vintage-inspired piece will suit race enthusiasts just as much as fans of space exploration.

Seamaster Planet Ocean

The Planet Ocean is the beefier, more rugged version of the Seamaster. It’s a watch that’s meant to dive deeper and get you farther beneath the sea with its 600m of water resistance. And while most of us will probably use it for other purposes, having something on the wrist that’s capable of surviving those depths does give you some reassurance.

At 43.5 mm, it occupies quite a bit of space, but that also means that it’s more legible off the bat, due to its size. And as for the looks, its black ceramic dial and bezel go well with the stainless steel case and bracelet—a classic loo that will match an adventurer’s wardrobe.

Lens Position: 1931

Omega Accessories

Aside from iconic watches, Omega also has a line of accessories that are suitable for the occasion. If you’re dad’s a fan of French cuffs, there’s a pair of stainless steel cufflink in the collection, with dark blue mother-of-pearl painted plates. They’ve also got  a selection of sailing bracelets in different materials, which will look right at home with  casual shirt and a weekend barbecue as much as it would in a Neapolitan jacket in the office. In any case, we’ve still got a few days left till the occasion, so a trip to the Omega boutique might just be in the cards.