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Weekend Fix: Gin and Tonic at the Tanqueray Terrace

Mantle gets their drink on at the new pop-up.

World Gin Day might be over, but there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying a few gin and tonics over the weekend. If anything, it may have just set the mood for the rest of the year. On the surface it’s a fairly simple drink: one part gin, three parts tonic. But it’s all the different mixers, botanicals, and garnishes you throw into it that keeps things fresh. 

That’s exactly the sort of thing you get to enjoy at the Tanqueray Terrace. Located in Palacio de Memoria along Roxas Boulevard, it’s a pop up that encourages people to find their own version of the gin cocktail.  

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mantle got to spend some time at the Tanqueray Terrace, and we ran through the different things they had on the bar. At the center of everything are their T&T cocktails—Tanqueray and Tonic—which are sold on a two-for-one kind of deal (good for a date or if you’ve got the whole evening free). But you can also just get Negronis or Martinis, if those are more your thing. 

There are five kinds of Tanqueray at the Terrace: London Dry (balanced, with four botanicals), Tanqueray No. TEN (premium, with a citrus heart), and Tanqueray Sevilla, Malacca, and Rangpur (which are all specially developed flavors). They’ve got rows of botanicals and garnishes on hand so you can spice things up as well, and the variety alone might need you to make a couple of visits. There’s also a lineup of special events like master classes and DJ sets, so you should check out their IG account in case you’re interested in those. 

Between the historic Palacio de Memoria house and the wide swaths of green in the garden grounds, the Tanqueray Terrace makes a nice little retreat from the city, from work, or whatever it is you want to take a break from these days. Plus, if you’ve ever been to the Palacio de Memoria, you know how good their food is, so that’s definitely a bonus. 

The Tanqueray Terrace at Palacio De Memoria is open on Thursdays to Sundays from 5:00PM  to 10:00PM. You have to be 18 and above to try it, of course. Don’t get into trouble. Just don’t.