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Apollo 11 pilot Michael Collins’ gold Omega Speedmaster sells at auction for a hefty 765,000 USD

It’s part of a small run of commemorative watches, some of which were given to people who made the moon landing possible. 

Michael Collins is likely the unsung hero of the moon landing mission in 1969. While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got to walk on the surface of the moon, Collins remained in the Command Module, waiting for his colleagues to get back. And though his role was a crucial one, he’s been called “The loneliest  man in history,” floating alone in his spacecraft. 

It’s a feat that’s earned him the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal—the two highest civilian awards in the United States. But it’s a different kind of gold that’s making the headlines today: Michael Collins’ solid gold Omega Speedmaster.

Michael Collins’ Speedmaster is part of a small series of watches made to commemortae the moon landing.
Photo: Omega/Heritage Auctions

The Speedmaster is a timepiece with quite a bit of history, being the first watch worn on the moon. And to celebrate the success of the Apollo 11 mission, Omega produced a limited series of solid gold Speedmasters. The first thirty of these special watches were given as gifts to those who made the moon landing possible—and among them, of course, was Michael Collins. 

The watch was recently offered on the block at Heritage Auctions in the USA. Hammering in for an astounding 765,000 USD, the historic piece is now in the possession of a collector.

The caseback bears Collins’ name, his missions, and a small tribute to space exploration.
Photo: Omega/Heritage Auctions

Collins’ commemorative watch was numbered Speedmaster #19 and has a personally engraved caseback bearing his name, his missions, as well as a poetic tribute to the spirit of space exploration.

This being the 65th anniversary of the Speedmaster, it’s been a banner year for the Moonwatch. And the release of a Swatch version has also drummed up more interest on a streetwear level. Collins’ Speedmaster adds another notch to the celebration, and things are looking good for the 65-year-old icon.