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By the Glass: The Johnnie Walker Pop-up Bar

Johnnie Walker has your weekend plans covered with a pop-up bar at Burgos Park.

Yeah, we get it. It’s been a rough week, rough month, rough couple of years. But with things being a bit more open these days, we can finally head out again to spend weekends at the bar. And if you’re looking for somewhere to let go with a drink or two, there’s a Johnnie Highball Bar at at Burgos Park, Forbestown Road, in Taguig this weekend.

The Johnnie Highball Bar is an interactive pop-up that puts highballs front and center, and you can take your pick from from Johnnie Walker’s signature serves: Johnnie & Lime, Johnnie & Ginger, and Johnnie & Apple. They’re also bringing three new highballs that will be available exclusively at the pop-up, with recipes developed by Diageo Brand Ambassador Rian Asiddao and Diageo Reserve World Class Philippine Bartender of the Year Lester Ligon. 

You might remember Lester from a video we did with him before the pandemic, where he gave us a crash course on the history of absinthe. If anything, whatever kind of highball that involves him is b tound to be some next-level stuff: the Johnnie Citrus Smash is a combination of sweet, sour, and smoky flavors; the Johnnie Root Beer Float is the grown-up version of a root beer float; the Johnnie Brown Sugar Boba is an Earl Grey milk tea drink infused with the smokey tones of Johnnie Walker Black Label.

“We’re introducing more people to an interactive and entertaining experience that we know will make them fall in love with highballs even more,” shares Merell Beltran, Diageo Marketing Manager for Culture and Advocacy. “…we want to show guests that they can taste more out of life and get more out of their casual get-togethers with Johnnie Walker.”

In any case, the Johnnie Highball Bar starts serving at 5:00 pm, all the way to 1:00 am, and the pop-up will be open until May 28. So you have till then to get a taste of the new highballs.