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Uniqlo launches the StyleHint app in the Philippines

StyleHint cuts down the sleuthing time you need to build your wardrobe. It lets you upload photos of the looks you like and finds the items for you, then delivers them straight to your doorstep. 

We’ve all been there. You see a look you like online but don’t know how to recreate it. Well, Uniqlo’s app seems to have found a solution to that problem. 

StyleHint is a bit like Instagram, Pinterest, and online shopping in equal parts. It allows users to upload photos of items that they like. The app will look for similar Uniqlo styles, which can be purchased immediately on the app itself. Once you pick the ones you like, the items will then be delivered to your doorstep. StyleHint also enables Uniqlo LifeWear fans to swap styling suggestions, share their personal styles, and shop curated looks posted by other users.

The app was initially launched in the Japan, and the US, as well as some EU markets. Now, it’s been made available in the Philippines on both iOS and Android.

“We are very excited to launch StyleHint in the Philippines as we aim to provide Filipinos an easier and interactive way of discovering our LifeWear products. Through this app, we are able to showcase our wide range of items that can be styled and worn for every occasion” said Georgette Jalasco, Vice President of  Marketing.

Style has long been centered around groups and subcultures, with each one having a specific aesthetic. And StyleHint might go a long way toward connecting people from across different subcultures during these times. In any case, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a new option when shopping online.

You can check out the introductory website to see how it works.