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Alessandro Michele’s Vault is in constant flux: and that’s a good thing

Gucci’s Creative Director keeps thing fresh in the online space and welcomes new brands into the fold.

For a luxury house that’s been around for over a hundred years, Gucci has an immense library of styles to draw from. So how do you keep ideas fresh? For Creative Director Alessandro Michele, it’s through constant experimentation. This is reason he set up Vault: Gucci’s experimental online space.

Driven by Alessandro, Vault attempts to explore uncharted territories in luxury through a multidimensional approach. This includes trips into the metaverse, as well as fostering dialogues between past, present, and future.

Vault has opened its doors to new brands, such as Vans.
Photo: Gucci

“Vault is a project that I have worked on with dedication and care. It is an open laboratory in which to introduce new chemical agents to continue the experiment,” says Alessandro. “For me, it’s a source of immense happiness that aims to put diverse energies into circulation and to celebrate my love for objects.”

In the spirit of the concept store, Vault’s virtual shelves—home to a combination of rare, vintage Gucci pieces and new creations by hand-picked designers—will now also include noteworthy brands chosen by Alessandro. And you can expect exclusive capsule collections or curated selections to come out of the partnership.

One of the first to create a limited-edition lineup for Vault is Belgian Maison Delvaux. Founded in 1829, it’s one of the oldest luxury fine leather goods brands in the world. Delvaux presents an exclusive capsule of eight one-of-a-kind mini Brillant bags, each with patterns inspired by the Vault palette.

Bag from Delvaux.
Photo: Gucci

Charvet—one of the world’s oldest shirtmakers founded in 1838 on Place Vendôme in Paris—presents a collection of ties, bowties, pochettes and flower lapels in colorful archival prints re-editioned exclusively for Vault.

Vault’s new collections will also include ERL, Wales Bonner, Martine Rose and Vans—with a continued spotlight on designers such as Collina Strada, Cormio, RUI and Rave Review.

Patterned tie from Charvet.
Photo: Gucci

Vault is represents Gucci’s presence in the metaverse, and its claim to a multi-dimensional approach isn’t just for show. It hosts a series of crypto-based projects, including NFT drops such as the SUPERGUCCI collaboration with SUPERPLASTIC. It has also launched a space on Discord to bring tj conversation to a wider community, letting them know about what’s next for the experimental space.

With this constant pursuit of ideas, Vault hopes to keep style attitudes fresh at Gucci, and the space will continue to present monthly drops of rare vintage finds, as well as a regular rotation of exclusive capsules, special collaborations, as well as new brands. The latest releases will appear on its dedicated Instagram account, @guccivault, and its Discord server, Gucci Vault.