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Gucci eyewear is sending us vintage rock and roll vibes

The new collection is setting the mood for the road trips ahead

Gucci has just released its first eyewear pieces for 2022, and it’s getting us a bit nostalgic. The collection is inspired by travel and music, with a campaign featuring singer and artist Lou Doillon and actress Ni Ni.

The campaign draws inspiration from the miles that musicians spend on the road while on tour, with their vehicles becoming home for months on end. Off the bat, it’s giving us Almost Famous vibes (remember that tour bus called Doris?), complete with faux fur, large collars, and of course, oversized sunglasses. Gucci describes it as an “Ode to the Open Road” and, having seen the campaign video, we’d say it’s right on target.  

The new collection has pieces for both men and women, and will help set the mood for the months ahead. Given that the pandemic is slowing down somewhat, land travel is looking good as an option. So if you’re looking to tour the open road this summer, Gucci’s new eyewear collection could be the touch of rock and roll you’re after. 

Check out the collection below: