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Tod’s Makes The Case for Classic-Street

Urban colors and styles continue to blend well with artisanal techniques at Tod’s

I always love it when a heritage brand is able to successfully incorporate their artisanal and traditional techniques within contemporary styles and looks. Until today, I never thought I’d be interested in wearing the soles of a Gommino as part of a jacket. 

I’ve been following Tod’s ever since they began experimenting with looser silhouettes and bolder colors—a directive from creative director Walter Chiaponni that initially raised eyebrows among their artisans. The classic stitches, materials, and looks are all still there, but now styled and paired with a fresh new vibe. 

The Pre-Fall 2022 continues this playful spirit, bringing the focus on different textures for outerwear and meticulous details for footwear. While square toe shoes aren’t anything new, they take on a different and comfortable appeal on these penny loafers, paired with an earth-tone palette and standout Gommino detail on the jacket, as shown below.

This monochromatic, neutral look below is also a nod to the strengthening influence of streetwear on the classics and high fashion houses, which has been a generally welcome development across the board. The brushed leather sneaker is also a nice combination of classic and street.

Pushing the envelope further—and my personal favorite—is this all-black look (in varying shades) that uses loose and soft fabric for the garments, but juxtaposed with the bold and rigid style of the lace-up boots. The pop of yellow is a playful touch to an otherwise understated urban color palette and silhouette.

Tod’s makes a case for mixing traditional and street, and I’m all for it. It’s the right balance of being conscious of fit, proportion, color, and texture without looking too stuck-up or restricted. It’s a masterclass in using artisanal and time-tested techniques in contemporary style, which might be the new “classic” in the years to come.