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Starry-eyed: Omega’s Constellations are for couples who want to celebrate love and time this Valentine’s 

Omega proposes two Constellations for couples who want to mark their time together this Valentine’s.

Every year, it’s always a bit of a struggle to figure out what give for Valentine’s. Sure, you can always get roses, chocolates, and a fancy dinner. But the day ought to be marked by something special as well. Something that isn’t meant to last for the evening alone.

So why consider a watch this Valentine’s?

Well, a couple of reasons, really. On the surface, gifting a luxury item is a common gesture to mark the occasion. But luxury mechanical watches are different in a few ways, and one of them is that they’re meant to keep ticking for lifetimes. This means that these watches will stay with you as you grow together, and can even be passed down to the next generation. That’s definitely something worth considering. 

Gifting a watch is also symbolic, because everything revolves around time. It’s the currency with which lives are measured. And love, too, in a way. While the passing of time cannot be deterred, watches such as these are a way to commemorate it.

This Valentine’s, Omega proposes two watches: both from the Constellation range. It’s an iconic timepiece that has seen many iterations over the years, including ones designed by legendary watchmaker Gerald Genta

Between the quality that Swiss watchmaking is known for and the timeless design cues of the Constellation, perhaps the question should be: Why not consider a watch this Valentine’s?

In any case, check out this pair of Constellations for the season. And whether you’re attached or not this Valentine’s, you might want to consider getting one of these iconic watches anyway.

Constellation 41mm

The Constellation 41mm is a larger watch that display’s the collection’s iconic design more prominently.
Photo: Omega

The 41mm Constellation is one of the larger ones in the range. And in this size, you can see the details of the iconic watch more prominently. While the design cues certainly draw from the original, the watch is executed in a unique scheme that mixes stainless steel, ceramic, and Omega’s proprietary 18K Sedna gold. 

The signature polished claws and the roman numerals break up the solid-colored ceramic bezel and add a nice bit of detail, while the Constellation star above the date-display window adds a good point of interest to the dial. The dial itself is silk-embossed rhodium-grey, which contrasts well with the rest of the watch.

The timepiece comes with a grey leather strap, which will match most neutral blazers and jackets (the colors you’ll likely see being worn on a date at a fine restaurant). Powering the Constellation 41mm is the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8900—one of the most precise movements from Omega’s workshops. 

Constellation Aventurine

The Constellation Aventurine has a striking, natural crystal dial.
Photo: Omega

Like the 41mm version, the Constellation Aventurine carries the same signature design cues. This time, though, the bezel is broken up by a series of diamonds, alongside the signature claws on the sides. Diamonds also serve as the hour markers for this timepiece, and the single Constellation star also appears above the date-display window. 

But the most striking part of this watch is the dial, which is made of natural aventurine—a form of crystal that’s known for containing minerals that glisten. This gives the watch a very elegant look, and since this is natural aventurine, this also means that no towo watches will ever have the same pattern. 

The case is made of a mix of stainless steel and Omega’s proprietary 18K Sedna gold, with a red leather strap holding it on the wrist. At 29mm, it makes an elegant statement without being obtrusive. 

Overall, these two Constellations offer a way to mark Valentine’s with something lasting and memorable, and would make a good match for couples out there, starry-eyed or not.