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Gavel & Block presents: A Man’s World

Salcedo Auctions’ first event for 2022 features a collection that will help you build your lair. 

While hopes were high that 2022 was the year we would travel again, we all know how that turned out. Still, while we wait for that to happen, we can embrace the home life and get ready for the months ahead.  

Gavel & Block—Salcedo Auctions’ first event for 2022—lets us do just that. The auction house has put together a special collection designed specifically for a male audience. 

Called A Man’s World, the collection has a variety of pieces that would do particularly well whether you’re setting up a study or going all out and creating your own lair. 

The auction goes live tomorrow Feb. 5, 2022, starting at 11AM, and you can head over to the Salcedo Auctions page to register and see the whole catalogue. 

From a carriage wheel chessboard to a vintage map of the Philippines to a marine chronometer (you can read all about marine chronometers here), here’s a preview of what you can expect tomorrow.