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The Year of the Tiger is the best time to be bold and brave

The Year of the Thundering Water Tiger signifies the coming of the Spring Years in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. What does this mean for our luck and life this year? We speak to Patrick Lim Fernandez of Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony to find out.

Patrick Lim Fernandez, the resident feng shui and Chinese metaphysics expert at the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony, has had his fair share of loyal clients, curious customers, and the occasional skeptic—fortunately, he rarely encounters absolutely closed-minded people. 

“If people are closed-minded, nothing will change their mind—unless it coincides with their worldview. If they are open-minded, [feng shui and Chinese metaphysics] can provide them new ways of seeing things, allowing them to be aware of and think about all the possibilities,” he says. 

Trained in classical schools of feng shui and Chinese metaphysics, Fernandez, further explains that these systems of thought have been around for thousands of years, with a rich and well-documented history of observations and computations that provide forecasts on personal and property luck. 

“In brief, feng shui is all about how we live in harmony with nature and the physical world—how we position things in our home, how we make use of property, for instance. Chinese metaphysics is more computationally intensive because of the many factors involved, such as one’s birth circumstances, specific elements, animal signs, energy signature, among others.”

Fernandez notes that most of their longtime clients use their personal forecasts or reading as a guide for proceeding through the year. He invites those who are new (or skeptical) about feng shui or Chinese metaphysics to think of it in this manner, and not to look at them as mere fortune telling or mysticism. 

“I’d say, keep an open mind, give it a try, and see how it resonates with you. At the end of the day, everyone needs options, and that’s what we’re doing here: we guide you with your thought process, give you additional perspectives, but we leave you to make your decisions in the end,” he adds. 

An Overview for the Year of the Tiger

The complete recording of the interview with Patrick, along with the overview for this year, can be accessed here. Meanwhile, here are a few highlights from the forecast:

➢ The coming year of the Tiger signifies the beginning of Spring which will last for the next 3 years. As the world gets ready to re-emerge from a period of docility and lethargy, the Tiger symbolizes a form of rebirth and reinvigoration.

➢ The Tiger also brings with it a Yang energy which is characterized by being strong and aggressive. There will be a lot more re-mobilization in the world as it awakens from a mode of slumber which will in turn spark a lot of activity in many life aspects: in business/careers, relationships, health and money luck.

➢ The Stem energy of the year belongs to that of Yang Water. As it is the most cerebral of the Stems, the key characteristic of the year is that of intelligence and innovation. Thus, the key will be not working harder, but working smarter.

➢ There is an Academic Star this year, meaning that apart from using one’s existing knowledge, it also implores one to acquire new skills and expertise and expand one’s intellectual horizon. However, one must guard against being narrow minded and not listening to others’ perspectives. 

➢ The Branch of the year belongs to the Tiger, which is a Wood energy. The aforementioned Water and Wood energies complement each other, so it will be a generally harmonious year.  

➢ Additionally, the Tiger brings with it a sense of adventure and audacity. Given that, try to push the envelope and be bold in your decisions this year. As the season brings rebirth, use this energy to re-energize the different aspects of your life. 

➢ Caution yourself from being impulsive and acting without thought or regard for the consequences. Be thoughtful in your actions and let conscientiousness guide you throughout the year.

➢ There is a Travel Star that is present for the year. Thus, you may find yourself or your work virtually or physically traveling. On the work side, this may mean your work products or services going to new geographies and markets. Take advantage of this by seeking out new opportunities to expand your horizons, both personally and professionally.

➢ There are also a few stars that relate adversely to health. Therefore, the health and safety of you and your loved ones should be a high priority this year. This includes your emotional health as well. Take the preventive steps necessary by focusing on the right diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.

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