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There’s a Millennium Falcon that’s made out of 25,000 Swarovski crystals, because of course.

The films may be over for now, but Swarovski is keeping the engines warm (and sparkly) on the Millennium Falcon. 

Han Solo may have kicked the bucket in The Force Awakens, but the Millennium Falcon still plies the stars in a galaxy far, far away. This time, completely decked out in Swarovski crystals. 

The luxury jewelry maker has just released a model of one of the most famous fictional ships in all of sci-fi, created with 25,000 crystals. Each crystal is hand-set in Swarovski’s proprietary Pointiage technique, a gem-setting discipline that allows the crystals to catch and reflect the light better. A model of the Falcon takes over 160 hours to make and is said to be faithful to the original design. 

Each of the 25,000 Swarovski crystals on the Millnium Falcon have been hand-set in the brand’s signature Pointiage technique. Photo: Swarovski

The black metal base features a fully reflective mirror effect, lighting up the crystals of the model above and showacasing the signature Swarovski sparkle. In any case, there will only ever be 100 of these Falcons, and each one will be delivered in a premium blue suitcase with a certificate of authenticity.

There’s a lot of attention to detail here, including the blue crystals on the Millennium Falcon’s exhaust.
Photo: Swarovski

This isn’t the first time Swarovski has drawn from the 40+ years of Star Wars history, having previously released statues of Luke Skywalker, the X-wing, Yoda, and The Child (also known as Baby Yoda). The Millennium Falcon joins these other icons in the glass universe, and will likely make for a good conversation starter or a centerpiece in a collection. Something to look at before hitting the screens for another marathon. In any case, it’s an elegant vehicle for a more civilized age.