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Crocs keeps crawling back to our feet

What’s with these shoes and sandals that just don’t quit?

Perhaps nothing is as good of an indicator of how fickle fashion is than Crocs. Once popular for their comfort then looked down on with disdain, the brand has made a triumphant resurgence to the cultural zeitgeist. 

Gen C Onie De Guzman (@oniedeguzman)

One can argue that the celebrity factor—what with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Post Malone, to name a few—can be the foremost reason for the brand’s revival. But it’s also how these celebrities (and some of the fashion houses that picked up on the shoe’s popularity) wore them—accessorized with everything from cute logos to a Chanel brooch. These Jibbitz™ charms transformed the holes on a Croc, which were initially for aeration, into a place where you can express yourself with style. 

Gen C Patrick Quiroz (@patrickquiroz_)

That’s exactly the premise of Crocs’ new concept store in the Philippines, located at Ayala TriNoMa. More than the classic and refreshed styles that the store carries (and will introduce soon,) it’s their Jibbitz™ Charm Wall—a distinct feature of the shop—that will keep customers and Crocs lovers occupied. With a whole selection of charms to choose from, you’ll be expressing yourself like today’s biggest stars in no time. 

Trends may come and go, but expressing yourself will always be in style. And that’s probably why Crocs is still crawling around us. 

In 2021, Crocs will reinforce its mission of “everyone comfortable in their own shoes” with the fourth year of its global Come As You Are™ campaign. To learn more about Crocs Philippines or our global Come As You Are™ campaign, please visit or follow Crocs Philippines Facebook Page and Crocs Philippines Instagram for more details for updates.