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Rémy Martin’s Centaur Odyssey range gallops in to meet the yearend

These limited-edition sets are just in time for the holidays

With the end of the year fast approaching—and let’s face it, it’s been a pretty rough one—you might want to take the time to celebrate. Not just because we’re finally through it, but also to look forward to what the next year has for us ahead. And it is in this spirit that Rémy Martin launches the Centaur Odyssey range in limited-edition gift boxes.

The centaur is Rémy Martin’s icon, and the half-man, half-horse creature has adorned bottle of the house’s cognac since the 1800s. It’s a symbol of strength and bravery: both of which we’ve needed throughout the year. So, fittingly, grabbing a bottle in a special box would make a good sort of trophy.

Each of the boxes in the range comes with a golden key: meaning, they have a QR code that helps you understand the cognac you’ve purchased. It lets you access tasting tips, food pairings, and a dedicated cocktail tutorial for each cognac, as well as details on the craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

The limited-edition Centaur Odyssey range comes in these three variants:

Rémy Martin VSOP,

This is the House’s signature style, with notes of vanilla, ripe apricot, and baked apple. You can take it neat, on ice, or with ginger ale, and it’s best paired with vanilla macarons and gravlax salmon. This box also comes with VSOP cognac glasses. 

Rémy Martin Club

This bottle is fully decorated and presented in a multi-faceted, limited-edition coffret. Club has a very distinct flavor, with candied fruits (apricots and figs), spices (ginger and cinnamon), and nut aromas. Pour it into a frozen shooter glass, throw in some dumplings and almond biscuits, and there’s your evening already made.

Rémy Martin XO

This is the signature cognac of the House’s Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau, who describes the blend as “multifaceted.” It’s easy to take this neat or on ice, which is how it’s usually enjoyed. Though you can also mix it with a lump of sugar and three dashes of bitters, then stir until smooth while adding ice, and toss in some edible gold flakes to match the holiday mood. This cognac pairs well with chocolate or candied fruits, which enhances the richness.

We’ve all earned a bit of downtime before the year ends, and cognac isn’t a bad way to spend it. But, to be honest, you don’t even have to wait for the holidays. There’s a cognac highball that’s made for any other day as well. In any case, you can head over to  for more info on these bottles, or just hit up the QR code below: