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Altro Mondo invites you to visit tropical islands, get lost within patterns, and marvel at the moon

This weekend, let the contemporary gallery take you to wondrous spaces through three distinct exhibits



Inside his studio, Raul Deodato Arellano retreats into a world of his own making. His exhibit Island is a result of his time spent in his sanctuary, producing figure and landscape paintings born out of tumultuous emotions that have dwelled in his subconscious. 

Arellano’s works interpret nature and the physical world as the subconscious sees it, creating connections between seemingly disparate things. Taking cues from his background in plein art and film acting, Arellano paints freely, as if without a script or direction.    

From depicting oyster-like tropical landscapes to imposing wooden figures, his brush moves spontaneously, only grounded by the whims of light, shadow, and a dreamlike pastel color palette. Each piece in the exhibit encapsulates the capriciousness of nature, capturing small fleeting moments as they appear to the artist, never to be perceived again except in these works.



Raphael Daniel David is a sculptor and visual artist who has dedicated his creative practice to exploring the interconnectedness between living things. His work juxtaposes hyper realistic human forms, plants, and animals with inorganic materials like metal steel and brass. 

In In Search of Soul: A Journey to the Black Moon, David interrogates the cycles of life by way of the lunar phases. Fragmented bodies are burrowed inside crescent formations, with leaves and branches vegetating on limbs. Some of these figures carry swollen, pregnant bellies.

The unconventional imagery in this series conveys interpretations of new beginnings, from seeds sprouting to expectant mothers. As a new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, so too do David’s works mark the cycles of life, in its various phases and stages.



Agus Kama Loedin is an Indonesian visual artist known for his masterful use of wires, lights, and fabric in his creative practice. His works make use of bamboo and rattan weaving techniques, as well as knot-tying methods used by boy scouts, to create dynamic works of art with lives of their own. The wires bend to Loedin’s will, transforming into lively and organic pieces that beckon the viewer to thoroughly examine them. 

In AKUT IKUT IKAT, Loedin sets his sights on exploring the theme of movement, specifically the movement of ideas. Created during the beginning of the pandemic, this series investigates this theme by way of the ikat method, a decorative technique wherein the artist’s warp or weft threads are tie-dyed prior to weaving. Loedin observed that the technique and the decorative symbols he studied during his research for the show had been utilized throughout various regions of the globe, with individuals modifying these techniques and symbols to fit their beliefs, cultures, and traditions. Thus, the practice highlights the power of movement and the nature of transformative ideas. 

The age-old craft and its corresponding imagery, which the artist creatively transforms yet again through his own aesthetic inclinations, values, and beliefs, now manifest in this exhibit. As a result, the artistry of ikat, which has moved through people and through time, arrives at this very moment today, by way of Loedin’s transformational work.

These three exhibits will be up for viewing at Altro Mondo Creative Space (1159 Chino Roces Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City) until October 24, 2021. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Viewings are strictly by appointment only. For inquiries, please contact us on Facebook (@altromondoart) or Instagram (@altromondoart). You can also message us via Viber or WhatsApp at 09178887872.

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