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Vittore Vintage Arsenal Invites You to Visit Their New Website. RSVP?

The purveyors and curators of vintage menswear dry goods launch a new platform to complement their thriving business on social media and reach more like-minded vintage lovers. 

Two months ago, I was having coffee with JP Centeno and Alec Delos Angeles of Vittore Vintage Arsenal at The Bunker, their private showroom for vintage goods. I admit that it was quite surreal to be there—after all, I started following these guys on Instagram back in 2019 after I saw how exquisite their leather bags and shoe selections were. I never thought I’d be one of their clients (I bought a Coach leather tote for work), and that I’d be enjoying conversations over coffee with them one day. 

As we were talking about Vittore’s buy-and-sell beginnings—the business now encompasses restoration, consignments, and a prominent social media presence for buying and selling vintage menswear goods— I caught a glimpse of JP’s laptop screen. On display was a website that had photos of strangely familiar duffel bags and weekenders. 

The Bunker: Vittore Vintage Arsenal’s headquarters and its repository of fine menswear and accessories.

Then, it dawned on me: I’ve seen these bags on Vittore’s Instagram account before. 

“Are you guys building a website? Why now, when your social media pages are thriving?” I ask, further perusing the beta site’s copy and images. JP and Alec concur; while Instagram has been their go-to app for advertising their wares, receiving customer inquiries, and launching promos, they thought that it was high time to elevate their brand’s presence and credibility. (Which, frankly speaking, are already strong to begin with.)

“Our social media channels successfully introduce the brand and our products. We were able to meet and connect with numerous patrons. So, in search of expanding our story to more like-minded people locally and internationally, having a website does just that. Plus, it pours in more trust with our customers,” says Alec. 

He adds, “Actually, JP and I discussed having a website two years ago, ever since Vittore’s conception. This July, we finally decided to bring it to life. We truly wanted to bring the brand to greater heights.”

Vittore Vintage Arsenal launches a new website to complement their social media. Inspired by postcards and the ‘50s, the site exudes a distinctly vintage feel while delivering seamless transactions for patrons of vintage menswear dry goods. 

Vittore’s website will now allow patrons and prospective customers to view all available retail products in real time. Whereas on Instagram, where people rely on recent posts and Instagram Stories to check availability, the website allows customers to make quicker and more solid decisions. (However, as Alec reiterates, their social media channels are and will still be active for quicker inquiries, messages, and updates.)

Upon loading the site, viewers will recognize the ‘50s vintage aesthetic that the Vittore gentlemen love, with the classic postcard serving as the central motif. Inspired by how people craft special messages and designs on postcards before sending them to a dear recipient, Vittore Vintage Arsenal continues the tradition of curating and caring for vintage leather goods before shipping them to their new owners. 

The new site is a seamless way to pick up vintage pieces, whether you’re shoring up the gaps in a collection or are just now buying into the lifestyle.

“Personally, the postcard echoes the brand’s feel and tone, as it contains hand-written genuine thoughts and feelings, accompanied by photographs. It also lasts a lifetime—similarly reflective of Vittore’s belief of buy-once-use-forever. Overall, we made sure each design element will bring the user an easy and delightful experience, outright from discovery to checkouts.”

Subscribers of the Vittore Vintage Arsenal website can expect exclusive newsletters from the team, including first-hand updates of available rarest pieces, style guides, special announcements and vouchers, and more. You can visit to check out the site and sign up for these perks. You may also visit Vittore on Facebook and Instagram.