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Aigle shows how outerwear can brighten up a rainy day

Monograms and pastels for a dreary day? We’ll take it.

This year’s rainy season has been as erratic as our current urban life. Sunny mornings are betrayed by quick yet severe afternoon downpours and thunderstorms. Movement in the Metro, though restricted (and safe, always!), remains necessary for work and the essentials. When it comes to selecting an errand-day outfit, practicality and comfort should drive one’s choices—aesthetics can take the backseat.

…Or maybe not completely. If technical pieces are able to infuse functional designs with eye-catching patterns or colors, we’re all for that. Style savants who want to achieve that balance can check out Aigle’s newest collections: Virtual Traveller and Cosmic Summer.

On Repeat

The Virtual Traveller collection showcases the monogram taking over rain hats, shirts, and outerwear. With a distinct urban feel, the interlocking letters over teal and red fabrics create a striking pattern that jazzes up plain white tees, casual sneakers, and other basics. 

Featuring details like convenient pockets and made with breathable materials, the pieces from the collection are designed for everyday wear—essentials on repeat, if you will, that allow you to move with ease.

Practical pastel

If comfort were a color, it would be pastel. Hues like chilly blues and lovely lavenders never fail to give that dreamy and soothing vibe. 

These are the same feelings that Cosmic Summer evokes—that of casual, easy cool but also practical and protective. Pastel-clad and lightweight technical fabric is woven into raincoats and windbreakers that shield you from the elements.

Check out these collections at an Aigle store near you (Aigle Uptown, Aigle Podium, Aigle Vertis North). Visit Aigle on Facebook, Instagram, or their official website for more information.