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Marco Lobregat returns to his roots and shares his family’s culinary traditions

Looking to learn traditional Spanish-Flipino cuisine? Marco Lobregat lets us in on his family’s favorites and shows us how to prepare them.

A while back, Marco Lobregat was planning a journey across the country by land. He’d just come back home to the Philippines at the onset of the pandemic, and was looking to go on a journey: not just to see what lay across the roads, but also to reconnect with his roots. Times being what they are, though, his highway-spanning plans would have to wait.

Instead, he found himself heading back to Zamboanga, where his family could trace its lineage back across several generations. And while there, he decided to relive part of how he grew up.

Marco Lobregat headed back home to the Philippines at the start of the pandemic, and has since spent his time reconnecting with his roots.
Photo: Frederique Constant

It’s been a Lobregat family tradition to spend each Sunday together, with home-cooked Spanish-Filipino dishes for lunch, all made from local ingredients. From the deep and rich Cocido stew to the seafood-laden Paella de Marisco: Marco walks us through the family favorites and shows us how to prepare them in the video below. 

The road will have to wait for a while yet. Because right now, it’s all about the luxuries you can afford, and time spent with family is a luxury that’s best enjoyed over a hot meal.