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Crocs and BEAMS are stepping up the storage footwear game with a new collection

The two are at it again with new models that are even more absurd than before

When Crocs and BEAMS came out with their collaboration in 2019, we all knew we were in for something unusual. People who’ve been to Beams before will likely have noticed that the Japanese clothing store is a little on the eclectic side. So how would that translate to Crocs’ sandals?  

The answer was fanny packs. Literally, rubber sandals with tiny fanny packs attached to the heels. So while we did expect the unusual, no one expected that. 

Were they for sock storage on the go? A place to keep your money safe from thieves? Emergency contact information? No one ever really figured it out. But people wanted them anyway: they had just the right amount of absurd and cool. And now the collaboration is heading into a new direction. 

So how do they top the fanny pack sandal revolution? The answer is sandals with utility bags, which sounds even more absurd, but somehow also looks even cooler. Throw in a generous amount of military/outdoor styling and you’ve got yourself a winner. 

The new collection tops the fanny pack sandals from a couple of years back by being more absurd and somehow even cooler.

The sandals are based on the Classic All-Terrain Clog, with two models for the Military line and two for the Outdoor line. 

The BEAMS x Crocs Classic All-Terrain Military Clog will likely appeal to the tacticool and militaria workwear people, with its functional molle webbing on the vamp and its nylon details. It also has a large, removable pocket with a buckle closure, and a synch system that allows for an optional pocket on the top vamp. Wtth two colorways to pick from—green and black-and-gray—this should be an easy pair to match. 

The BEAMS x Crocs All-Terrain Military Clog is a bit like tactical boots in rubber clog form.

The BEAMS x Crocs Classic All-Terrain Outdoor Clog, meanwhile, is made for more active people, with outdoor-inspired details. It’s got a more rugged outsole, with multiple pockets for functional storage, as well as buckle and webbing synchs on the vamp. You can easily see this being useful for long hikes or extensive street travel. It also comes in two colorways, so it’s readily adaptable to streetwear. 

The BEAMS x Crocs Classic All-Terrain Outdoor Clog is even more rugged, and designed to tread the wilds or trawl the sidewalks.

Both lines lean heavily into utilitarian styling, and are far more dressed up than the original fanny pack sandals from a couple of years back. So if you weren’t a fan of those, this could just be the collection that turns you around. 
In any case, you can check them out at Commonwealth’s online store, where they’ll be available starting today.