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The look of what’s to come

Here’s what style will look like in the months ahead.

After months of battling the pandemic, it seems that things are settling down a little. With no travel, no outdoor entertainment, and little interaction, the coronavirus drastically changed the way things were. But already, we’re showing signs that we’re adapting. Or, at least, we’ve become more accustomed to the new world.

And while the pandemic may have taken away our ability to move freely and to get close to one another, it hasn’t completely taken away who we are. And who we are is often seen in what we wear. That, at least, is one thing that even the coronavirus can’t touch. 

Whether working from home or duking it out in the city, there’s been in a massive shift in the way people dress. Gone are the usual suits, the evening jackets, and the stuff we wear a couple of times a year. They’re taking a sabbatical for now, making way for easygoing, utilitarian wear. Still, there’s never been a lack of style when it comes to these things. 

The past few weeks have seen a massive release of new looks from fashion houses around the world: most of them geared to the way things are now. Because if there’s a scene that’s used to changing with the seasons, it’s fashion. And if the new virtual runways are anything to go by, here’s the look of what’s to come. 

Utility wear 

The SS21 collection from Tod’s is heavily informal, and embraces the idea of comfort and utility.
Photo: Tod’s

Pockets are going to be key in the days ahead, especially for those of us who are braving the outside world. It can carry your essentials and reduce the need for a bag (or eliminate it entirely). 

Softer silhouettes

Givenchy’s newly minted creative director—Matthew M. Williams—just came up with hist first collection for the house’s SS21 season. It eschews the notion of gendered accessories, and has a soft, yet put-together look to it.
Photo: Givenchy

Suits aren’t going to disappear. They’re just going to change a little. Softer silhouettes are going to make more of an appearance as we navigate through the new world. With office dress codes becoming more relaxed these days, sharp lines aren’t too much of a priority—comfort is. 

Casual elegance

The Hogan SS21 show, encourages people to do things their own way.
Photo: Hogan

A classic leather jacket paired with bold trousers will go well with a polo or a plain white t-shirt. It’s a look that requires little effort and a lot of attitude. It’s also equally at home in a casual office or a work-from-home setup.

Rocking the home office

Saint Laurent’s SS21 collection imagines a dreamy cityscape where ideas and reality come together.
Photo: Givenchy

Many of us are still sheltering at home, without access to haircuts. So why not grow into the look instead? Keep you hair long and face the new world with a free attitude. You might want to get a statement hat, a signature jacket, and some key accessories to embrace the laidback style of the new world. 

Neutral classics

For FW 20/21, Tod’s is revisiting the classics, reinterpreting key pieces that essentially last a lifetime.
Photo: Tod’s

Going the classic route isn’t a bad idea. At this time, when every single bit counts, buying something that won’t easily be out of style goes a long way. Picking up a few neutrals is an easy start to building a permanent wardrobe.