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Gucci’s virtual museum tour takes you to Florence

Tired of staying in? The Gucci Garden Virtual Tour is a refreshing new experience for people staying at home.

If the current crisis has done one thing, it’s changed the way we use technology. A few months ago, online shopping and virtual experiences were things that seemed convenient. Now, with most people avoiding retail spaces completely, these things are practically mandatory. From watchmaking exhibits to runway shows, everything has gone into the digital space.

But how does it work in the luxury world, where the experience of a well-curated place is part of the appeal? This is a question that Gucci has tried to answer with the Gucci Garden Virtual Tour. And for the most part,  the house has gotten it right. 

Gucci has captured the experience of being in their museum through an immersive free-roaming 360-degree site that takes you to each floor.
Photo: Gucci

The site brings you into the Gucci Garden—a space created by fashion designer Alessandro Michele. Sitting between the Piazza della Signoria and the Piazza Di San Firenze in Florence, the Gucci Garden is a museum that traces the history of the fashion house. Rather than a static display of artifacts, the Gucci Garden combines the new and the old, complete with video installations, exhibits, art, accessories, and clothing. And through the virtual tour, you can experience the atmosphere of the whole place. 

As you begin the tour, The Gucci Garden is presented in an immersive 360-degree view, and you can basically walk through every floor. There’s no set itinerary, either, so you can take your time drinking in the whole place. In some parts, there’s even an atmospheric soundtrack, with birds chirping in the background. It’s a free-roaming experience that helps curb the cabin fever. (We spent a good part of an hour just staying in the bookstore.)

And of course, it offers a bit of retail therapy as well. Many of the objects in the Gucci Garden are clickable, and will give you information on how to order them. So just like walking into a museum, you can take something home with you as well. Only, they’ll deliver it instead.

It’s a refreshing way to bring an experience to people at home. And while we’re getting used to the new world, this kind of pivot is a welcome break from all the things we’ve had to deal with. So if staying at home is getting to you, you can take a virtual tour of the Gucci Garden here.