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Aston Martin unveils a luxurious racing simulator

Aston Martin’s new virtual racing machine will let you hit the tracks while staying indoors.

By: Iñigo Roces

Aston Martin cars have typically been out of reach for many. However, their latest product could make the experience of driving their vehicles a little bit more accessible.

That product is the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator. Aston Martin calls it the ultimate luxury home simulator, designed for drivers who want to compete in the virtual or the real world.

AMR-C01 is the product a partnership between Aston Martin and British technology company, Curv Racing Simulators. Intended to appeal to the most discerning gamers, the AMR-C01 will fit right at home in any luxury gaming room or den.

The AMR-C01 Racing Simulator was designed for people who want to bring the racetrack experience into their homes.
Photo: Aston Martin

The racing simulator was designed by the Aston Martin Design team, the same group behind their iconic super cars. It has a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque and integrates the seating position of the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Aston’s 1,100 hp limited edition supercar. It’s hand-assembled by Curv Racing Simulators, and is designed to work seamlessly with acclaimed racing simulation video game, Assetto Corsa.

For the home user yearning for a fully immersive driving experience, it doesn’t get any better than this.

“This was a challenge for the design team as, although the simulator isn’t a car, it is inspired by our racing cars. It needed to exude the same elegance, boasting the same dynamic lines and balance of proportions as any Aston Martin with a racing lineage. I can picture the AMR-C01 in the most beautiful of residences as a sculptural work of art in its own right,” said Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman.

Built out of lightweight carbon fiber, the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator comes in several different colorways, including carbon and lime, racing green, neon green, and blue-and-white.
Photo: Aston Martin

The project was inspired by the exponential growth of Esports racing during the global lockdown, when the world’s racing events were put on hold. Esports racing continues to thrive now that real-life racing has resumed. The AMR-C01 is the perfect choice for those who enjoy the virtual world of competitive Esports and also for dedicated racing drivers who want to hone their skills before their next race.

The AMR-C01 is limited to just 150 examples. Customers are welcome to place an order, but be warned: the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator may not cost as much as an Aston Martin, but it’s still got a hefty price tag. Either way, it’s going to give homebound racers a way to hit the tracks.

This story originally appeared in Manila Bulletin Drive