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Vespa takes us back to the 1960s

The Sprint and GTS Super now come in colorways inspired by the 1960s races. 

Vespa is no stranger to taking a page out of its history when it comes to launching their new models. (The Vespa S and LX series come to mind as examples). And in terms of history, the motoring brand has a lot to back to. This time, they’re taking us to the golden age of scooter races with the Racing Sixties edition of the Sprint and GTS Super.

Arguably, the ‘60s was the height of scooter popularity. There was the mod movement: a youth subculture that originated in London, complete with its own dress codes and whose preferred ride was the Italian scooter. There were also lively races, particularly in the UK, where a scooter’s looks went hand in hand with the rider’s skill. And it’s from these races that the new editions of the Sprint and GTS Super draw their inspiration from.

The Sprint is a sporty little scooter made for the urban lifestyle.
Photo: Vespa

  The new colorways are simple—yellow and green, red and white—but it’s this simplicity that gives them a kind of elegance. The matte black details, meanwhile, make the rest of the colors pop. Both colorways are available for the Sprint and the GTS Super. And to complete the 60s inspiration, Vespa has also released an accessories range, including helmets and a clothing collection. 

So will we be seeing the return of gentleman racing in the scooter world? Perhaps when the pandemic is over. But scootering seems to be on the rise since the COVID-19 outbreak began, so the possibility remains. 

The GTS Super has quite a bit more power, and can easily be taken on longer, adventurous rides.
Photo: Vespa

At the online launch of the new models, Vespa’s representatives did mention an increase in interest. And this is likely because scooters have a much smaller imprint on living spaces and lifestyles than cars and SUVs (read about how we can stay mobile during the pandemic in our story here.) 

The effects of the outbreak might stretch across the months and years ahead, so we might just be seeing more two-wheelers out on the road. In any case, Vespa’s Racing Sixties scooters would be something to see out in the open.