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What’s next on Netflix: July

Thinking of what to binge watch? Here’s what’s coming.

With social distancing and quarantine measures still in place, streaming is leading the pack when it comes to personal entertainment. And while the past month brought quite a bit of action with Extraction and The Last Kingdom, it’s likely that a lot of people have already burned through their watch lists. 

This month sees a rise in the crime and mystery genre, with a bit of the supernatural thrown in (alongside more action, of course). Have a look at what’s coming over the next few weeks, and check out the ones that have started streaming already.     

Unsolved Mysteries Streaming now

In the 1980s, crime documentaries were hugely popular, and one of the biggest names was Unsolved Mysteries. The series featured real-world disappearances, murders, and paranormal events that largely went unexplained. It went on to air for 15 seasons and the spirit of it was kept alive though the digital age by a Youtube channel that also accepted user-submitted stories.

Now, Netflix has revived the documentary series for the modern age, and given its track record for things like these, this one is going to be visually engaging. So how do mysteries still exist in the age of the internet and social media? Check out the trailer below. 

Deadwind Season 2 Streaming now

July seems to be a season for crime and mystery, and here we have the second season of the nordic noir series, Deadwind. The story revolves around Sofia Karppi, a homicide detective in the Helsinki Police Department. The first season saw Sofia return to work after recently being widowed, and follows her life as she raises her two children.

The show has since gotten stellar reviews, and is now into its second season. This time, life takes an even greater toll as she deals with criminal underworld. Pihla Viitala, who plays the lead role, perform admirably, without the usual over-the-top portrayals of female leads int he procedural genre. If you’re looking for a break from the usual crime dramas, this Finnish series breaks the stereotypes. 

Ju-On: Origins July 3

The Ju-On film series hit its stride during the Asian horror movie boom in the early 2000s, alongside films like The Eye, Shutter, and Dark Water. Largely based on the urban legend of Kayako—a woman who was murdered by her husband after being suspected of an affair—the Ju-On series revolved around a cursed house in Tokyo where she lived.

Such was the acclaim for it that it received a Hollywood remake called The Grudge, which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar. This new series seeks to explore the house’s mythology further, and will likely drive us sleepless over the weekend. Judging from the trailer, you’ll want to keep the lights on for this one. 

The Old Guard  July 10

Coming in the second week of July, The Old Guard is about a group of immortal mercenaries that have been fighting to keep the mortal world safe for centuries. Led by a warrior called Andy (Charlize Theron), the group take on various missions across the world, and it’s during one of these missions when their secret abilities are exposed. Trying to keep their power from people who seek to make a profit out of replicating it, the team must now protect themselves. 

Cursed July 17

The tale of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table is something that we were all familiar with as kids. In it, a legendary sword called Excalibur is embedded in stone and only a man worthy to be the king of all England would be able pull it free. But what if Excalibur chose a queen?

This is how Cursed turns the premise around, creating a new spin on the Arthurian legend. The series is based on a novel by award-winning comic book writer and artist Frank Miller (300, Sin City, Batman) and screenwriter Thomas Wheeler. The series stars Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) as Nimue, a young woman with a connection to dark magic, whose entire village is murdered by paladins. Her mother’s dying wish is for her to bring a fabled sword to a powerful sorcerer, becoming the last hope of their people. 

Umbrella Academy Season 2 July 31

The Hargreeves siblings are back in action. The dysfunctional superhero family is reeling from the events of the last episode’s ending, though it seems they’re ready to give it another go. The series is based off of the comic books written by Gerard Way (the lead singer of My Chemical Romance) and is an unconventional take on the superhero genre. After a highly successful first season, which made the 80s hit song I Think We’re Alone Now popular again (read about it and the singer here), the story seems to have more in store.

Though little is known at this point aside from the release date seen in the video below, fans are already throwing theories around, based on the posters. So between murder mysteries, the supernatural, and the super-powered, we’ve got a whole lot stuff to go through in July.