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A gift guide for all sorts of dads

Short on ideas? We’ve got a few.

Father’s day is just around the corner, and while the quarantine continues in some form or another, we can still make special occasions count. We’ve put together a list of things that you might like to get for your dad.

While most of this stuff you can just order from home, there are a few that will need you to make a short trip. Still, for one of the most important people in our lives, we can always find the time.

For the Epicure

Cheese Box


Some dads enjoy seeking out new tastes and bringing them home for the family to experience. But these days, there may not be a lot of opportunity to do that. La Petite Fromagerie has a simple solution: they’ll just deliver the cheese straight to you. Purchasing a box will get your dad a substantial sampling of different cheeses—from gouda to brie to burrata—as well as some grapes, crostinis, and a bottle of wine (depending on the subscription). You can opt for a one-time purchase or go for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription. In any case, this is going to keep his palate busy while he’s staying at home.

Get it here: La Petite Fromagerie

For the man of mystery

Orlebar Brown 007 Collection

Orlebar Brown’s classic resort wear aesthetic certainly goes well with the James Bond franchise. From Jamaica to Portugal, Thailand to Bahamas, the super spy has spent so much time by the sand that it only seems natural to realease designs based on his wardrobe.

The collection includes the shirt from Golden Gun, the trousers from Dr. No, the Harrington from Octopussy, the striped shirt from Thunderball, as well as shorts and shirts with the James Bond logo and imagery.  

Get it here: Orlebar Brown

For the sun-lover

Omega Sunglasses

Omega is known for making history with its watches—from the first Speedmaster that went to the moon to the Constellation that broke records for accuracy. This time though, they’re coming up with another first: a whole line of sunglasses. Omega has come up with pilot, round, square, and cat eye models that are both stylish and functional. A good pair of sunglasses has always been an essential bit of kit for men, and it’s still true now.

Contact your local Omega boutique.

For the adventurer

Avino Sahariana Jacket

We may not be traveling much these days, but sometimes we just need to feel like we’re out there. And it helps to dress the part. For dads who have a penchant for exploration, a safari jacket will help keep the spirit of travel alive. The Avino Sahariana is made from thick linen twill, though the looser weave of the fabric means it’s still comfortable to wear in hot weather: whether he’s heading out to pick up some groceries or just staying on the porch.

Get it here: The Signet Store

For the casual dad

Tod’s Competition

For the dad who likes his shoes to be a little more on the comfortable side, Tod’s has come up with new sneakers in the Competition collection. The original design hails from 1995, and was created for the crew of the Moro di Venezia: the Italian sailboat that competed in the America’s Cup.

The sneakers come in four variations: nubuck and fabric, suede and fabric, leather and fabric, and suede.

Contact your local Tod’s boutique, and view their schedule here.

For the skin care conscious

Mileo New York Elixir Oud

This one’s for the dads who are worrying about their skin. Mileo describes itself as a “hybrid of clean beauty and clinical skin care.” The products are based on natural ingredients, and this facial elixir is meant to rejuvenate weary skin. It’s easily portable so he can take it anywhere he goes, and there’s also one for every skin type, so it won’t be hard to pick a bottle up.

Get it here: Mileo New York

For the classic weekender

Brooks Brothers Performance Polo

Brooks Brothers is a name that most of us will be familiar with, being one of the oldest men’s clothiers in the US. The classic menswear brand counted the motoring mogul Gianni Agnelli among its fans. And while he has passed away for a while now, the tradition of style carries on with his grandson, Lapo Elkann. Classic menswear doesn’t go out of style, and a Performance Polo could easily make that list. As a bonus, you might want to get one for yourself as well.

Contact your local Brooks Brothers boutique, and view their schedule here.