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Lucerne opens a new Rolex concept boutique in Manila

The cozy new space looks every bit as refined as the timepieces on display.

When it comes to the luxury watchmaking world, Rolex is perhaps one of the first names that come to mind. It’s got a history that spans more than a hundred years. And in that time, it’s become a symbol of prestige, a measure of success, and an icon of adventure. 

And now, it’s exploring new ground with its recently opened boutique at The Podium in Ortigas.  

In a ceremony held last week, luxury watch retailer Lucerne revealed its new boutique, which has a different concept from every other shop that’s come before it.

The new boutique houses 113 square meters of space, and is made in the image of Rolex. Clean lines, curving shapes, and tasteful lighting make up most of the interiors. An emerald aqua wall serves to anchor the center of the boutique, while other accents draw inspiration from Rolex’s watches. The wave motif references the Oyster and its pioneering waterproof heritage, while the alternating patterns on the wall resemble the Oyster’s fluted bezel.

The new boutique is designed to be a good deal more private.

All of these create an ideal background for the watches on display. And when you look at a watch, when you handle it, what you’re seeing is a Rolex in its element, seen in the best possible light.

And here’s the thing: no one else gets to see you do it. At least no one from outside. The boutique is designed to be cozy and intimate, creating a sense of privacy even in the middle of a mall, in one of Manila’s busiest districts. And that’s something you’ll appreciate, times being what they are. 

“Having represented Rolex for 38 years, we are very proud to be expanding the Rolex presence in the Philippines, upholding the highest standards of quality and service that are integral to both the brand and to our own business,” said Mr Ivan Yao, Managing Director of Lucerne.” 

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