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Locale: Morocco

From the sands to the snow, through the eyes of a local. Travel Director Mohamed Hassan Elgaabouri of Insight Vacations takes us through the country he calls home.

Morocco is a land of contrasts. From the sand dunes of the Sahara to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, it is a place that is as textured as it is vast.  

Even the culture and the people are no less diverse: a mix of Berber, Arab, Roman, Greek, and various Mediterannean influences. From the nomads of the desert and the cave people Bhalil to the Berbers in their traditional homes and the people of the urban landscapes—life in Morocco is never the same from one city to another.

Still, it’s not a place that’s easy to get used to, and you get a better understanding of what the country is like when you view it from the eyes of a local.

Having taken us on a journey from the snow to the sand in the winter, travel director Mohamed Hassan Elgaabouri understands it better than most. And in this video, he talks about the country the way only a local can: from a lifetime of experience. 

Special thanks to Rajah Travel, Insight Vacations, and Ghali and Sanaa Alaoui of Insight Vacations Morocco.