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Think Tiffany is just for women? Think again.

Tiffany & Co. is breaking out the men’s collection, and it’s not what you expect.

When you think of a man with the iconic Tiffany blue box in his hands, you think of engagement rings, delicate bracelets, fancy trinkets. Gifts for the lady, you get the idea. Now imagine that when he opens it, there’s something for him instead. Statement rings, bracelets, fancy trinkets. Maybe not all that different: only, these ones are decidedly more masculine. Oh, and throw in some seriously cool stuff like pool balls, a cocktail shaker, and a money clip. Now we’re talking. 

Tiffany is breaking out their new men’s collection, and alongside their line of men’s accessories, we’ve got quite a few breakout pieces. Meaning, they’ll always be a breath of elegance but with just a bit of edge. 

From classics to cocktail sets, take a look at some of the best pieces in the Tiffany & Co. men’s collection.

Diamond Point Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a staple when you’re going formal, and the right pair can make or break an outfit. Go too wild, and you drown the rest of your suit. Go too safe, and you’ll make it boring. This pair from the Diamond Point Collection has just enough detail to stand out without being too loud. And if you happen to go to the tailor who makes the best shirts in Japan, this is a great pick to have in your arsenal.

Leather Belt

You can always use more belts, and this particular piece has a refined, yet casual look to it. Whether you’re belting up Japanese denim, or something more Italian, these will keep your trousers in place and in style.

Money Clip

Having too many bills is always a problem. But if the bills you’re worried about are the ones you stuff in your pocket (instead of the ones you have to pay each month), then here’s a good solution. A money clip won’t be as bulky as a wallet, and will let you keep your neapolitan jacket’s silhouette intact. 

ID Bracelet

The ID bracelet was an icon of the 50s, and with retro-casual experiencing something of a resurgence, this is a cool bit of jewelry to add to your collection. Wear it with a Harrington jacket or a leather bomber and you’re halfway into James Dean territory.


So you’ve got a row of whiskies, good vodka, maybe some gin. Now you need something to mix them up with. The silver and brass barware collection is going to look great as a centerpiece: with a cocktail shaker, ice tongs, a jigger, and a bottle opener. It comes from the 1837 Makers collection, which is a line of artisanal, utilitarian pieces that are handcrafted by silversmiths. 

Pool set 

Cracking a few games over the weekend is going to feel much better with a handcrafted pool set. And even if you never have the time to play, the Tiffany blue color and typewriter font are going to feel right at home sitting on display.